The 9 Worst Celebrity Dancers of 2013

Remember when meeting a royal was just about shaking hands and not embarrassing yourself (yeah, we don't either.) It seems times have changed, and now the duties of visitors to Kensington Palace have gone above and beyond what past tradition called for. Now, guests are expected to not only meet, but rock out with England's finest — well, maybe that's only if you're Taylor Swift. While visiting the Palace to help raise money for Centrepoint, a youth homelessness charity the royals support, Swift joined Prince William and Jon Bon Jovi for a rendition of "Livin' on a Prayer," one of the latter's biggest hits and, as everyone knows, pretty much the best karaoke song ever.

All three members of the newly-formed rock group wowed with their high energy and (attempts at) harmony. Yet it was the Duke of Cambridge who left the biggest impression, thanks to his hilariously awkward dance moves.

While William can probably cross "contestant on Dancing With the Stars" off his list of future careers, he should be relieved to learn that he's far from the only non-dancer celebrity to show off his questionable skills this year. We've picked our nine favorites below, but where does the Duke land on the list?

9. Prince William

Right at the bottom. Sorry, William, but you made Taylor Swift's dancing look good — and we all know how hard that is to do. The prince's dancing at Tuesday night's Winter Whites Gala consisted mostly of him clutching his tux, clasping his hands, and nodding encouragement at Bon Jovi. For most of the performance, he didn't look like he was having much fun, but when it got to the chorus — "hooooold on, to what we've got" — William was just as into the song as his bandmates, even if he had no idea what to do with his hands. Advice, William? Move them!

8. Katie Holmes

Surprisingly, the Swift-Bon Jovi-Prince William sing-along isn't the weirdest combination of celebrities we've seen sing together this year. Back in August, Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx, Ellen DeGeneres, Pharrell, Lenny Kravitz and Colin Powell (!) formed our new favorite supergroup when they karaoked together to Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" at a Hamptons charity benefit. Everyone on-stage looked to be having a ball, but Holmes, in particular, wasn't shy about showing off her enthusiasm. It's just too bad she couldn't do it better; her dance moves featured a whole lot of arm-dancing and occasional breaks to play with her hair. Still, she had fun, and that's what counts. Someone get that star-studded group an agent, fast!

7. Barack Obama

It's a good thing Obama has a lot of things going for him — his looks, his charm, his, you know, presidency of the United States — because dancing is definitely not one of them. While arriving on a Tanzanian red carpet back in July, the President grooved his way down the receiving line, with a much more coordinated Michelle following suit. Obama's moves may not have been wonderful, but the fact that he showed them off at all is just one more point to add into the "Obama was the Coolest President Ever" slideshow we fully expect future generations to make.

6. Bill Nye the Science Guy

This Dancing With the Stars routine may not have been good, but it sure was amazing to watch. Two words: Robot. Suit.

5. Lorde

It's hard to say if Lorde's strange, unsettling movements on-stage can be considered dancing or not, but regardless of what they are, we kind of love them. The "Royals" singer doesn't dance like any of her pop-star peers, which makes her songs all the more unique and her likability increased x 1000. If you're unfamiliar with Lorde's dance moves, Vulture made a handy guide ("the Double Bear Claw: she's about to give you a hug and ... ah, nope. She's not. Get outta here") that'll help you get up to speed.

4. Sofia Vergara

We shouldn't be surprised by now that everything Sofia Vergara says and does is GIF-worthy, but somehow, we still found ourselves shaking our heads in disbelief when the actress was seen showing off some ridiculous dance skills at an Emmys after-party earlier this year. Nothing could be as good as her routine from last year's Emmys, but still, photos like the one below make us wonder if there's anything Vergara can't do.

3. Michelle Obama

Her husband may not be much of a dancer, but the First Lady showed off some pretty great moves back in February. As part of Jimmy Fallon's "Evolution of Mom Dancing" sketch, Michelle demonstrated dance skills ranging from the "Go Shopping, Get Groceries" to "The Pulp Fiction." Fallon's not too bad himself, but Mrs. Obama is clearly the winner here — just check out her "Dougie" as proof.

2. Emma Stone

Everyone knows that Ellen DeGeneres is the best talk show host. Why? She makes her celebrity guests do the most ridiculous things, whether it's getting pied in the face, popping water balloons, or performing secret dances behind random people's backs. In April, guest Emma Stone completed an epic Dance Dare, basically spazzing out behind stagehands, production crew, and even Tim McGraw, all without their knowledge. It's awkward and funny and just one more reason to love Emma Stone.

1. Dean Norris

Hank's dead? Who cares! Breaking Bad actor Dean Norris shrugged off any sadness at his show's end when he took control of the dance floor at an Emmys after-party in September. Norris had everyone in the room clapping along, even giving Derek Hough — yes, of Dancing With the Stars — a run for his money. Breaking Bad may be over, but we don't have any doubt that somewhere, Norris is still celebrating the show's amazing run.