What Men And Women Want In A Partner, According To A New Study, Because There Are A Few Things We Can Agree On

When it comes to dating, men and women say personality is the most important trait in a partner, says a new study by sex toy company Lovehoney. But aside from that, we aren’t exactly looking for the same things, Men, in fact, seem to be far more shallow as they put looks further up on the importance totem poll than women do, while women are more about being with someone who has a great sense of humor, as it probably should be. Here’s a simple fact of life: Looks fade, but belly laughs are forever.

Although the study of 6,000 people focused mostly on how new couples feel about each other’s sexual histories, their number, ex-lovers and how it affects their current relationship, it also examined what exactly it takes for people to be interested in first place. Before you can get to the point where you’re discussing your sexual past, it might be a good idea to remember what brought you together in the very beginning. Was it their charm? Your warm laugh? Or the fact that you can both tell a joke like it’s nobody’s business?

Lovehoney broke down the top six most important factors for both men and women when it comes to meeting someone new. Although a couple overlap, some don’t, just going to show that when it comes to love the sexes have different priorities.

6. Job

According to the results of the study, one percent of both men and women think their new partner’s job is most important. While being with someone who has a job is always great (and probably very necessary), what that job is shouldn’t really matter. Unless one’s profession is in taxidermy; that might be a weird one and I can only imagine what their apartment might look like. But still, at least they have a job, and that's what should matter most.

5. Intelligence

In the fifth spot, with four percent of both men and women agreeing, intelligence is the most important factor when meeting someone new. Because if you can’t go head-to-head about politics over a large pepperoni pizza, what’s the point of dating at all?

4. Sexual Chemistry

Although sexual chemistry is important for both men and women at eight percent each, it falls at a different spot on the top six list. For men, sexual chemistry comes in at fourth place and for women it comes in at third place.

3. Appearance

The second most important thing for guys when they’re first dating a someone is appearance, which, being the visual creatures that they are, makes sense. According to the research, 10 percent of men put appearance just below personality on the list of importance. Women, having our priorities straight, put appearance at the number four spot in the top six.

2. Sense Of Humor

In second place for women, at 15 percent, is a sense of humor. Although a sense of humor is important for guys, too, it comes in at the third spot for them at nine percent. Apparently, guys need me to lecture them on the longevity of belly laughs.

1. Personality

For both men and women, personality reigns supreme when it comes to what’s most important in finding a new partner. At 67 percent for women and 68 percent for men, personality can make or break it when it comes to dating someone new. Hence the reason it's always best to keep the wonky version of you under wraps until at least date 25.

Images: Scott Webb/Unsplash; Giphy(6)

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