This Is Who Cares More About Your Sexual Past

Far more women than men want to know about their partner's sexual past, according to a new study by sex toy company Lovehoney, Not only are they concerned about their partner’s history, but they’re so concerned about their own, too, that they’re willing to lie about it. Sure, the double standard for men and women when it comes to one's “number” still exists, but when you lie about your past, you’re only adding to the stigma that it’s bad for a women to have a lot of partners. It's not bad; it's human.

The study examined the sex lives of 6,000 people along with how their sexual histories affect their relationships. What it found, in addition to women being more likely to lie about their past with 27 percent not being completely honest, is that 88 percent of these women telling lies drop the amount of sexual partners they’ve had. In comparison, only 69 percent of men decrease their amount.

But while there are those who lie by decreasing numbers, there are also those who lie by increasing numbers. Of those surveyed, 31 percent of men and 12 percent of women actually inflate the number of their past sexual partners as a means to impress the new person they’re dating.

As a spokesperson for Lovehoney explains, “All our research shows that the happiest couples are those who are open and honest with each other, particularly in the bedroom. A significant number of men and women do tell white lies about their sexual pasts, but the overwhelming majority are honest.” Basically, keep it honest, you guys.

But people lying about their sexual history is the just the tip of the iceberg of the results that Lovehoney uncovered. Here are seven other things the research found.

1. More Women Than Men Are Concerned With The Past

Not only do 36 percent of women want to know the intimate details of their partner’s sexual past, but women are also more likely to talk about their past partners. Of those surveyed, 44 percent of women were more than happy to volunteer information about their exes, compared to 39 percent of men who did the same, and 76 percent of women talk about lovers from their past with their current partners. Men, at only 66 percent, are still in the majority, but definitely less chatty.

2. Men Are More Likely To 'Deliberately' Avoid Talking About The Past

While we already know that women, in general, are content to talk about past loves, almost half of men totally avoid the topic all together. According to the results, 45 percent of men “deliberately avoid” talking about their exes, while only 38 percent of women also do.

3. Over A Third Of Women Want To Know About Their Partner’s Sexual History In The First Month

While men don’t really care about their partner’s sexual history until a few months down the road, 38 percent of women want to know the goods within the first month. For 21 percent, it’s important to know everything in the first two weeks, and for 31 percent, within the first three months is cool.

4. More Than A Quarter Of Women Think A Sexual Past Determines If Someone Will Make A Good Partner

Say what?! Not that it makes any sense at all, but for 27 percent of women a partner’s sexual history has complete and total bearing on whether that person will make a good partner. You know, because forget qualities like honesty and kindness. At 21 percent, men aren’t too far behind women in this thinking.

5. A High Number Of Sexual Partners Can Be A Dealbreaker For Some Men And Women

Well, if one’s sexual history is going to be used as a standard as to how a partner is judged, it makes sense that for some a high number of partners is enough to send a percentage of men and women running for the hills. According to the survey, 29 percent of women and 21 percent of men would be “put off” if someone they're dating had a high “number.”

6. More Women Than Men Have Refused To Divulge Their Number Of Sexual Partners

Because your “number” is just that, YOUR number, 11 percent of women have absolutely refused to tell someone they’re dating the amount of people with whom they’ve had sex. Only seven percent of men refused to share their number.

7. Majority Of Both Men And Women Don’t Mind Being Asked About Their History

Of those surveyed, only five percent of women (one in 20) and three percent of men said they’d be offended if a new partner were to ask them about their sexual past. As the spokesperson for Lovehoney explains, “Only a tiny number of people are offended by questions about their sexual history, so this is a clear signal for new couples to ask away. The more you know about a new partner's sexual likes and dislikes, the more sexual happiness you will be able to share." Hear, hear!

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