13 Instagram Snaps Featuring Ice Cream, Because The Cold Treat Is This Season's Hottest Accessory

In the fashion world, it's all about accessorizing with food. Instagrammers have been posing with ice cream cones as the warm weather wears on. Selena Gomez posted a photo to Instagram of an ice cream outing with some cool cats, including Gigi Hadid's recent ex Cody Simpson, a few weeks back, so you know this is a Thing with a capital "T." Looking particularly summertime fly in what I am assuming to be a black halter top and denim overall combo, what completes Gomez's ensemble is the vanilla cone pressed to her lips.

Personally, I find fashion bloggers more appealing when they pose with any variation of sweet treats. There has always been this universal assumption that those of us who work in the fashion industry put a hex on junk food in order to maintain our "model" status physique. This is a falsity, and I've got the Instagram photos to prove it. I will be the first in line to let you know that while I love my fashion, I love my food more, and each season I am dedicated to its designated edible accessory.

In the fall, you will begin to notice a slew of Starbucks lattes flood your Insta-feed. Winter calls for holiday goodies and cups of coco, while Spring ignites iced coffee induced selfies. In the summertime, my dears, we find ourselves scrolling through a collage of ice cream cones.

As if they needed this chilly treat to boost their eye-candy Insta status, I am in favor of fashion bloggers combining two of my favorite things: stylish clothes and ice cream cones. You can have your ice cream and look good too, friends.

Check out 13 fashion bloggers who accessorize with ice cream during the summer months. You might want to try the technique yourself, because #FashionFoodPic for the win.

1. Keiko Lynn

You're favorite summertime treat can also be your favorite summertime cross body. Perfection.

2. Gizele Oliveira

Because who doesn't just want to pose against an ice cream truck backdrop?

3. Natalie Joos

Dita shades, meet ice pop.

4. Krystal Bick

Denim and a mint drip.

5. Pernille Teisbaek

Was so focused on the single scoop, I almost missed the Michael Kors bling.

6. Ezgi Icel and Lian Kebudi

Black and white. Chocolate and vanilla. I'm seeing a pattern here.

7. Julie Sariñana

On Wednesdays we wear — and eat — pink.

8. Arizona Muse

Whoever said models don't eat sweets, lied. Triple fisting it.

9. Chiara Ferragni

Cartier and colorful scoops.

10. Aimee Song

Italy, ice cream, and delicate finger jewels.

11. Wendy Nguyen

Two things Wendy Nguyen does well: accessories and ice cream.

12. Alisha Khan

Obviously the ASOS editorial assistant's watch was telling her it was time for an ice cream break.

13. Whitney Cox

I'm pretty sure Cox has the "cool girl" thing down packed, but the ice cream definitely shows her sweet side.

Ice cream and good style are not mutually exclusive, folks, In fact, it's just the opposite.

Images: selenagomez/Instagram, keikolynn/Instagram, giizeleoliveira/Instagram, jxxsy/Instagram, krystal_bik/Instagram, lookdepernille/Instagram, luxuryshoppers/Instagram, sincerelyjules/Instagram, arizona_muse/Instagram, chiaraferragni/Instagram, songofstyle/Instagram, wendyslookbook/Instagram(2), asos_alisha/Instagram, whitneybearr/Instagram