When Does Jury House Start On 'Big Brother 17'? The Houseguests Want To Make It To This Crucial Stage

Big Brother has only just begun, and so far so we are not even halfway done with the competition; there is still a lot to come. Nevertheless, there has already been some talk about the Big Brother jury house. At a certain point in the competition, the eliminated contestants do not go home and resume their lives. Instead, they are sequestered in another mansion and have the opportunity to watch the rest of the season play out. It's an exciting time for the eliminated houseguests, so it's no wonder they're already talking about it. So, when exactly will the jury start on Big Brother 17?

It's a big deal to make it to jury because the eliminated contestants get to eventually cast their votes and select the winner of Big Brother. This means that these cast members are not in the competition, but still have an integral in the outcome of the game. There can only be one winner, but being a part of the jury and having the fate of the competition in your hands is a pretty cool consolation prize. So, it obviously sucks for anyone who gets the boot before that. They just have to go home and disappear into pop cultural oblivion. This is why it's ideal to hold out as a contestant at least until jury selection begins.

The jury has gone through a few format changes over the years, so it's possible that there could be some changes during Big Brother 17. But, we have a general idea of when the jury will form. In the show's third season, the jury became the final seven contestants (excluding the final two). Starting with Season 15, the jury was changed to be a group of nine contestants. So, it would be safe to assume that it would include nine booted houseguests this season as well. But, then again, Big Brother loves to create some twists and turns so you never know exactly what's going to happen.

Past precedence would indicate that whoever makes it to the top 11 contestants would make it into the jury house — given that the top two contestants would be vying for the prize and the remaining nine would get to vote. The Twin Twist means that there are 17 different contestants if Julia/Liz make it past five eliminations. This means that the fifth elimination is a pretty crucial point in the competition. Julia might be able to enter the game as an individual player which can change up the number of contestants — but, then again, you never know when there could be some sort of double elimination on Big Brother. They love to keep us guessing, so, ultimately, we just need to be patient for the top 11 to be determined. Let the waiting game begin.

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