What The First 'Big Brother' Twin Twist Teaches Us

Big Brother is a game full of twists and turns, but even the experts behind the show can struggle come up with original ideas sometimes. With that said, they decided to recycle the twin twist from Big Brother Season 5 this summer. For anyone not familiar, the stipulations are pretty much the same: There is a set of twins playing as one person in the house. The twins switch back and forth in the diary room and the inactive twin remains sequestered with the same rules and restrictions as the cast members inside the house. If the sibling the twins are playing as makes it to week five in the house, both twins will have the opportunity to be active in the house as individual contestants. We are only in the beginning of Big Brother 17, and if you watch the live feeds online, you already know that there are strong suspicions that Liz is a twin. This isn't super shocking since Liz and her twin Julia have been a little sloppy in regard to consistencies in their stories and behavior. Plus, at this point there are plenty of Big Brother super fans in the house who are very familiar with the game's twists over the years, making them both observant and paranoid. The twin twist seems to be unraveling pretty quickly this summer, but what happened during the last Big Brother twin twist? Here's a refresher for anyone who is forgetful or unfamiliar.

In Season 5, twins Adria and Natalie were initially playing as Adria. Things were going OK until Adria was put up for eviction in week four— only one week before the planned reveal of the twin twist. With Adria's fate hanging in the balance, a rule change was announced during a commercial for The Amazing Race, stating that if Adria was evicted, her twin Natalie would come back to take her place. Luckily, they did not have to put this rule change into effect because Adria survived until week five and Julie Chen was able to dramatically reveal the twin twist.

As expected, this did not go over well in the house for obvious reasons. The main issue was that everyone in the house felt deceived by Adria and Natalie and did not find it possible to trust them. Second, the twins are obviously related and they have an inherent alliance to each other over anyone else. Plus, they've already been working together the whole time so they had a successful game going.

With a major target on their backs, the twins were put up for eviction. Adria won the power of veto and saved herself. Natalie was evicted with her sister being the only one who voted to keep her in the house. Natalie didn't seem too bitter about the immediate dismissal, since the twins were playing as Adria from the beginning so it only seemed fair for Adria to continue. That did not last for long though with Adria getting immediately getting eliminated the week after.

According to the Big Brother Live Feed, the Season 17 cast members seem pretty miffed about the inconsistencies in Liz's stories. And now they are very suspicious of her being involved in a twin twist. At this point, it's looking pretty bleak for the twins and there is a big target on their backs. The only real twist here would be if they actually make it to week five because now it is very unlikely.