Is Heather Thomson Leaving 'Real Housewives Of New York' Due To The Drama? Her Most Dramatic Moments On The Show Are Proof She Shouldn't

She didn't throw a leg on her way out the door, but Heather Thomson may be leaving Real Housewives of New York. According to US Weekly, where the report originated, sources claim that the reality star couldn't quite come to terms with the drama that her fellow RHONY co-stars were serving — and though she allegedly joined the show to promote her Yummie by Heather Thomson shapewear line, the drama proved too much to handle. (Worth noting: Upon reaching out to Bravo for comment in response to this news, Bustle was unable to confirm that Thompson is departing the series.)

Honestly, as an avid viewer of the show, it’s difficult for me believe that Thomson totally bypassed due diligence by not watching this show and knowing what she was getting into before joining the cast because a) everyone knows the drama is the star of RHONY while the ladies’ business ventures are more in line with the props and backdrops and b) Heather was actually responsible for some of the show’s most dramatic moments.

She may not have intentionally started drama, sure, but the fact is that she was a prime target for a Housewives feud... or three. While it's not clear whether or not Us Weekly's report is valid, here's a list of her most dramatic moments on RHONY in hopes that this news isn't true:

When She Basically Told An Image Consultant To Bring It

Because absolutely no Housewives trip to the Hamptons would be complete without some serious cat fighting and idle threats from people who aren't even regular cast members.

When She Bossed Kristen Taekman During Her Own Trip

Um, no. When Taekman called Thomson out for being bossy after she told her to "Move over, b*tch," the least dramatic route would've been to simply admit that you are totally Mrs. Bossy Pants.

When She Had Enough Of Ramona Singer During The Reunion

When Thomson and Singer went for each others' throats at the RHONY Season 6 reunion, no one was shocked because there's only so much of Singer's Stingers one housewife can take.

When She Said This to Aviva Drescher

Thanks to Thomson, this is now my official go-to line to end every argument.

When She Was So Done With Drescher's Leg-Throwing

Tossing a fake leg wasn't enough to keep Drescher on the Housewives , but it was certainly effective enough to get Thomson's blood boiling.

When She Went Off On Bethenny Frankel For Not Wanting Meatballs

Silly me. I thought when Frankel showed up to Dorinda Medley's Berkshires birthday dinner, things would go well. Who am I kidding? I know better.

When She Freaked Out About The Naked Guy In Frankel's Bed

Thomson's reaction to what turned out to be Ramona Singer's naked boytoy sleeping soundly in the next bed was rather dramatic, but I can't say I blame her for being freaked out.In summation, RHONY would be a lot less dramatic without Thompson. Here's hoping this news isn't true!Images: Giphy (7)