Will 'Empire' Get An Emmy? 7 Reasons The Show & Its Cast Deserve All The Awards

Like many of life's other great pleasures I've discovered late — a list that includes but certainly isn't limited to Brussels sprouts, black coffee, and afternoon naps — I didn't actually start watching Empire until the first season had finished airing. This was bittersweet; on one hand, I got to watch it all in one go and didn't have to wait several days between episodes. On the other hand, I missed out on all the hype and discussion that was taking place around the show while it was actually on the air — womp womp. I take some amount of solace in the fact that I'm already on board and pumped for Empire Season 2, but since we've still got a while to go, let's live in the present and talk about why this show seriously needs every statue the cast and crew can carry out of LA's Shrine Auditorium come September, when the 2015 Emmys ceremony takes place.

There are so many things to love about Empire that it's hard to nail down just a few reason that it deserves so many accolades, but anyone who's ever watched even an episode will totally know what I mean, and that what I'm saying is true. Here's why the Fox musical drama needs an Emmy or 10, in case you needed more convincing.

It's A Completely Unique Concept

A musical hip hop drama starring a powerful black family and giving an inside look at the industry? There isn't anything like it on the air and there hasn't ever been, particularly on network TV. This alone puts it leaps and bounds ahead of some of its more stale competition.

The Acting Is Amazing

Regardless of the fact that we're seeing many of the faces on Empire for the first time (I thank God for giving us Jussie Smollett on a daily basis), everyone is committed and believable in their roles and really brings the script to life. There's so much talent on the Empire set, and I have so much respect for it.

The Original Music Is Really Good

I know Empire isn't the first series to put out a soundtrack with original music, but it IS the first show to put out a soundtrack with music I'd actually listen to and that doesn't just immediately seem like something written for a TV show. That's not an easy feat.

Two Words: Cookie Lyon

I can't imagine anyone needs any convincing on the greatness that is Taraji P. Henson in this role, or the fierceness of Cookie's character in general, so I'll just leave it at that.

Winning Would Legitimize The Show

The critics generally love Empire, but on occasion it seems like people don't take Empire seriously or find it to be reductive. Seeing the series pick up respected awards like the Emmys would likely give the show a bit more of a boost, which can only be a good thing.

It's About Time Something Besides Modern Family Wins

I mean, look, I know they're totally different shows and I have nothing against Modern Family, but REALLY? Can we not do this anymore?

It's One Of The Best Shows On TV Right Now

Hands down. I was hooked from the first episode, which is not an easy feat, in my book. Give Empire the awards it deserves. I demand it!

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