Vanessa Has A Girlfriend On 'Big Brother 17' & Here's Everything We Know About Her Boo So Far — VIDEO

Since the beginning in the Big Brother house, Vanessa has kept a lot about herself a secret. From the start, she lied about who she is and what assets she brings to the table. Like her profession. She told the other houseguests she’a a DJ when, in fact, she’s Vanessa is the second highest ranked female poker player in the country. Impressive stats, but it’s totally understandable why she would want to keep that underwraps in a game that is all about strategy. Still, I can’t help but watch every move she makes and wonder what else she might be lying about. It’s the downside watching a show about people living in a house for three months where nobody can be trusted. My already super doubtful and skeptical side gets ramped up to, like, 100. But there is one thing that I know for sure about Vanessa: She is totally in love with her girlfriend. But who is Vanessa's girlfriend on Big Brother 17?

Unlike a number of players who dropped their boos to come on the show free of baggage, Vanessa kept her love going strong. So strong that she even broke down the first night in the house about how much she missed her girlfriend and how hard it was being away from her. #relationshipgoals

So who is this girl who has won over Vanessa’s heart? Thankfully Vanessa has been talking about her a good bit since she got to the house. So if you’re looking for more information on Vanessa’s girlfriend, look no further. The following is a list of things that Vanessa has revealed about her girlfriend since the show started.

1. She’s Really Secure

She doesn’t ever get jealous if Vanessa is surrounded by other guys or girls. That’s pretty impressive, because I’m sure Vanessa is surrounded by guys A LOT in her profession.

2. She’s Super Hot

Vanessa revealed, during an impromptu Q&A session with the housemates, that the main reason why her girlfriend isn’t worried about her being here is that she’s super confident in herself because she’s a total looker. Awesome.

3. She Gets Hit On. A LOT.

When the houseguests pushed Vanessa to talk about how often she gets hit on as a DJ, she said it doesn’t really happen to her. In fact, her girlfriend gets hit on more than she does. A lot more.

4. She Has Black Hair

Don’t think I wasn’t pausing over the picture of Vanessa and her girlfriend in the HoH suite. You know you were too.

5. She Has A Name

Mel. Maybe short for Melanie?

6. They Met Online

“Shout out Plenty of Fish!” Vanessa said, while fist pumping the air. Apparently it was easier for her to meet another feminine girl that way, the poker star reports.

7. She Loves Music

So much so that she has a tattoo down her leg that reads, “Music is the answer.”

8. She’s 23

And apparently keeps Vanessa feeling young.

Check out the video below of Vanessa baring all about her boo.

Image: CBS (6); Vanessa Rousso BB17/Twitter