8 Reasons Being Summer Roberts From 'The O.C.' Would Be Amazing & Not Just Because She Married Seth Cohen

Back when The OC was the hottest teen show and we were all champing at the bit for more dramatic developments, the world was divided in half: There were those who were a Summer and those who were a Marissa. I was most definitely a Summer. As a short, sassy brunette who took it upon herself to buy her own Princess Sparkle on eBay, it was quite obvious that Summer was just about the coolest person on the planet, and if it was possible to trade lives with a fictional character, I would have done it in a nanosecond. Unfortunately, we still don't have the technology to do that, but even now, more than 10 years after it premiered, watching The OC gives me some serious Summer-related jealousy. She might have started out as a background character, but over the show's four season run, the it-girl gave me countless reasons to think it would be awesome to trade lives with Summer Roberts from The O.C .

After all, Summer basically had the ideal life. She was living in gorgeous California, went to the coolest high school ever — trust me, there was no coffee shop or arcade games in my boring suburban Atlanta public school — and had that perfect, effortless style thing going. Plus she had a wealthy, kind father who was hardly around, so she basically did whatever she wanted with no curfew and no rules. That's the teenage dream, right? It was the kind of reality that only exists in teen TV shows, where people under 21 never get carded and you still get into Brown even though you barely touched your homework throughout your entire high school career.

Summer is the best, and if I still can't trade lives with her, I at least want to be best friends with her. (Closer to reality, but no cigar.) Next time you re-watch the show — and if you're anything like me, that happens all the time — you'll probably realize that the Summer envy is so, so real. And here's why:

1. Her Wardrobe

Summer always looked awesome, even when she was sporting outfits that are now totally dated, like Juicy Couture sweatsuits. And her prom dress? I would totally get married in it. That thing is beautiful and probably cost more than my first car.

2. Two Words: Seth Cohen

As my number two fictional boyfriend (right behind Jim Halpert from The Office), I can safely say that Summer was the luckiest girl ever to date Seth Cohen, even if he did mess up from time to time. In the end, they were always meant to be, from the moment he revealed that he memorized her mermaid poem from elementary school 'til they tied the knot in the series finale. I'm not crying, you're crying.

3. Her Friendship With Marissa

No matter what, Summer and Marissa were always there for each other, and they were the kind of best friends everyone wants to have. They did everything together and loved each other unconditionally, and we are not going to talk about what became of Marissa. I'm still not over it.

4. She Looks Awesome In A Wonder Woman Costume

Most of us would look like a kid going trick or treating. Summer looks a-mah-zing.

5. She Always Has The Perfect Comeback

She is basically a one-liner factory.

6. She Was Never Afraid To Stand Up For Her Friends

Especially if Marissa was involved.

7. She Had The Cutest Room

It had pretty pink walls and the vintage phone she's using in the above GIF... everything was so adorable. My one complaint is that The O.C. didn't shoot more scenes there, except for when Summer was marathoning The Valley.

8. She's Surprisingly Terrifying

For such a small person, Summer was always intimidating... and she suffered from rage blackouts, so watch out.

But throughout all that, I still wished (and wish to this day) that I could be Summer Roberts.

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