Frankie Grande Earned Himself Another Hater

Last season of Big Brother brought us Frankie Grande, who was a pretty polarizing character. One person who has a pretty adamant opinion of Frankie is Big Brother 17 houseguest Jason Roy. They don't actually know each other, but Jason has some pretty strong views and has not been afraid to express them. Point blank: Jason hates Frankie. This hasn't been aired on the television show yet, but if you've been keeping up with the Big Brother live feeds online, you would have noticed that Frankie Grande is a popular point of conversation for Jason.

I'm not completely sure why, but I could guess that, as a Big Brother superfan,Jason got just as annoyed as the rest of us when he had to watch Frankie last season, name dropping his own sister, being beyond shady, and just acting way over the top about everything. He just had such an extreme personality that still irks people a season later. But, in a weird twist of events, Jason Roy actually believes that Frankie helped him get on Big Brother 17. How could that be? Apparently Jason could not stop talking about his hatred for Ariana's brother during the casting process, and he even claims that he bonded with the producers because they agreed with his sentiments. CBS has not responded to Bustle’s request for comment on Jason's accusation.

So what else has Jason been saying about Frankie? A whole lot.

1. Frankie Was Annoying On The Live Feed

He was also annoying during the CBS broadcast, but I'm sure that watching unedited Frankie footage online had to be a pretty tough experience.

2. Frankie Was Allegedly The Reason Jason Got On BB17

If anything, it probably made it clear that Jason had no issues talking smack, and would make for good TV!

3. Frankie Annoys Us All Equally

We are not alone in our annoyance and that is very reassuring.

4. Frankie Is Allegedly Hated By The Producers

I don't know if this is true, as CBS has not responded to Bustle's request for comment. But, either way, Jason talks a big game!

5. Frankie Taking Over On BB17 Would Be Jason's Worst Nightmare

I kind of want this to happen. I would love to see Jason go crazy with Frankie's influence taking over the house. But, I don't blame Jason for talking about Frankie so much. It gives him some sort of entertainment, and it's a pretty neutral topic since he's not talking not about anyone in the current house and can't suffer any social repercussions from talking s**t. But, if he ever meets Frankie after this, they'll have a thing or two to talk about!

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