Becky & John, Make This 'BB17' Showmance Happen

Chelli, Slay, Shlay — whatever you want to call Clay and Shelli's showmance this season of Big Brother is your prerogative. But before you go and buy them a wedding gift, I'm going to say that Clay and Shelli aren't the couple of the summer. Nope. The real Big Brother 17 showmance is John and Becky, or "Jecky" as some shippers are calling them. These two aren't just a showmance... I'd argue these two are OTP (one true pairing), and they really need to hook up. Like, ASAP.

Not really seeing the cupid's arrow striking these two? Allow me to go into detail on why these two need to happen. I'm not going to take all the credit of spotting the ~love~ potential between John and Becky — there's actually a ton of people who are very vocal about them getting together — but I will proudly stand on my soapbox and preach that these two are the season's end game couple. Not Slay and their heart murmurs. Not Liz and Austin. No one else but Becky and John.

(BRB, going to change my AIM away status to "~*Becky && John 4eVer*~.")

There's actually quite a few reasons why these two are perfect for each other. Allow me to enlighten those that might not see it. And for those that do, 'ship on.

John Might Have A Crush On Becky

Look at the enthusiasm in that "Yeah!" Now, it takes two to tango, so we just have to wait for someone to ask Becky if she'd be into it. (Can't have another one-sided Caleb and Amber situation happen again.)

They Can Float To The End Together

Remember in Titanic when there "wasn't enough room on the door for Rose and Jack"? Well, there's enough room on this door for John and Becky, so hop on John and float to the end of the game with Becky.

Shady Titanic talk aside, these two aren't really a target right now, so they could stay around for a while. They'll need something to do.

They're Both Single

No one is attached (ahem, Austin), so they don't have to worry about anyone at home getting mad.

John Has Becky's Back

Remember when Shelli asked John who he'd want to keep safe and he only said Becky... Meant to be.

Fans Are Really Into Them

#Jecky forever.

Houseguests Are Really Into Them

Meg, you and I are sharing a brain. I think I'm already picking out my outfit to their wedding (because I'd totally get invited).

Former Big Brother Winners Are Really Into Them

Andy Herren, Big Brother 15 winner, floods his Twitter feed with Becky and John tweets during each episode.

Because There Was A Lot More To That Dental Skit

I rest my case.

Although I love a good showmance, I kind of hope John and Becky have a showmance a la Nicole and Hayden from Big Brother 16. They're too special to me to not last outside the house. For more showmance talk — because it's the best type of talk — check out Bustle’s very own Big Brother podcast, The Diary Room. Listen to the latest episode below, and be sure to check out future episodes on Bustle’s SoundCloud page and iTunes.

Images: Sonja Flemming/CBS