Do Juicy Tubes & Lip Smackers Hold Up In 2015?

by Lindsey Rose Black

Ever miss the simple times as a '90s kid when getting ready for a night out meant a bag full of squeeze tube lip gloss, Coca Cola Lip Smackers, and body glitter? A handful of grown women tried '90s lip glosses and glitter tubes to see if the love was just as strong — and the results were positively delightful (if a bit sticky). You may have sworn eternal loyalty to Lip Smackers Cotton Candy gloss as a pre-teen, but does that devotion still hold up today?

Of course, the '90s are making a comeback in more ways than one recently. If you haven't noticed, chokers are everywhere again. Even Alexander Wang's fall 2015 campaign features a studded version of the iconic necklace. Additionally, distinctively 90's hair has been spotted on celebs recently, like Mariah Carey's kinky curls and Kendall Jenner's throwback ponytail.

Given the rise of the decade's trends, it's only a matter of time before soda flavored lip balms and super, super (super) sticky lip gloss tubes pop back onto shelves at drugstores. But the question is, will we want them this time? Are we ready to sacrifice our DIY coconut oil beauty routines for the globby glory of... well, whatever is in those tubes? Fortunately, our editors were brave enough to find out.

Thank goodness those Juicy Tubes still have the Popular Girl Effect.