Clay & Shelli From 'Big Brother 17' Need A Couple Name & I Just So Happen To Have Some Ideas...

Clay and Shelli. Shelli and Clay. It’s a given that, every season of Big Brother, there is at least one showmance. And Season 17 has proved itself to be no different than the rest. This summer’s hottest housemate hookup? Shelli Poole and Clay Honeycutt. And, man, do the fans feel strongly about this hookup! It definitely helps that they’re ridiculously good looking and trying — at least for now — to keep their heads in their game and their hands out of each other’s pants. I personally find all of this to be totally endearing and worthy of some serious praise. Or, maybe, an adorable couple name to make their love headline-official? It’s like the public’s version of making it facebook official: once you have an adorable couple name, you know you’re the real deal. Plus, there is nothing that viewers love more than an adorable name to make this showmance totally legit.

So, like a girl in middle school, I’ve spent the afternoon doodling in the margins of my college-ruled notebook paper, trying to come up with the best nickname for the two of them. Clearly there is a wealth of options here — especially with those last names — but I had to limit it to a somewhat digestible number.

So, without further ado, here are the names I came up with. In order of cuteness, of course!

9. Clelli

Both a reach and hard to pronounce, there’s a reason why this one is at the end of the list.

8. Celli

A little bit better, but how do you pronounce that? Kelly? Chelly? It’s too unclear to make it far in the headlines.

7. Shay

Better. But maybe not distinct enough to really capture both of their names.

6. Shlay

Heh. Sounds like lay, which is funny, but definitely not perfect.

5. Honeypoole


4. Pool of Honey

Too wordy.

3. Claypool

We’re definitely getting closer now. Could also be Clay Pool, which is, I think, a real thing?

2. Honeyshell

Again. A shell made out of honey? Better than a pool full of honey.

1. Clayshell

Yeah. This one might be just right.

Now let’s hope it catches on in the house and starts to spread like wild fire.

Image: CBS (9); Giphy