When Will Clay & Shelli Hook Up On 'Big Brother 17'? With Those Abs, It's Bound To Happen Eventually

At first glance, it seems like living in the Big Brother house would be a fun and easy way to spend the summer, but it definitely has its drawbacks. The show's cameras are rolling 24 hours a day, and viewers can also access the live feeds online whenever they want. This means that the contestants have absolutely no privacy — at all. This puts a lot of pressure on the cast to portray themselves in a flattering manner. And, I imagine that this could be why Shelli Poole is hesitant to let her Big Brother showmance with Clay Honeycutt move past innocent cuddling. Plus, the twosome haven't even kissed ye t— as of this moment. But I doubt that will last for long considering their epic chemistry. So, when are Shelli and Clay going to hook up?

Given that this is a live show, there are pretty much no spoiler alerts, with the exception of the live feeds. This means that I have to use my knowledge as loyal Big Brother viewer to hypothesize a few scenarios that could lead to this hook up. (Because, come on, with abs like Clay's, who can say no for long?)

1. After They Have A First Kiss

I feel like we are all really jumping the gun by hoping for a Slay (my couple name for Shelli and Clay) hookup when they have not even had a kiss yet. If it's taking this long for them to lock lips, I think we are going to need to wait a good while for them to do much else. A kiss would definitely be a good start to get things going.

2. If One Of Them Wins HoH

If Clay or Shelli win HoH, they will be in a bigger, more private room. And, if the other HoH gets dethroned, they'll have the place to themselves. This would make it a lot more convenient than trying to go at it in a group setting in the other bedrooms.

3. They Both Win HoH

This would be the ideal scenario. If they were both Head of Household at the same time, then they would have a giant room to themselves — (and, still, a camera crew). But, nevertheless, they would have more privacy than normal to go at it.

4. More Contestants Are Eliminated From The House

If Slay sticks around past a few eliminations, there will be less people in the house. This means that they have a better shot at finding an unoccupied location to get in some hookup action.

5. The Game Gets Too Stressful

All of the manipulation, mind games, and competitions have to be pretty overwhelming for the housemates. One great way to relieve some tension would be to hook up. Am I right?

6. They Just Can't Hold Out Anymore

I feel like at a certain point you cannot play hard to get, you cannot worry about the cameras, and you cannot keep caring about what the housemates say. If the tension continues to build up, I would be shocked if they can resist each other.

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