Cookie Rules 'Empire's New Season 2 Poster

Fans will find out on Thursday whether Emmy voters love Empire as much as viewers do. As a music business melodrama, it also got fantastic reviews from critics, suggesting that it might have impressed the Television Academy enough after all. Empire is a bonafide hit, gifting us with the drama and music, and giving Taraji P. Henson her long-deserved mainstream success. It's no secret that Season 1 was a smashing success, but what about the upcoming Season 2? Though it's not set to premiere for a while, it's never too early to start thinking about the future, especially when awesome things like this Empire Season 2 poster hit the Internet.

Last season was such an explosive hit, so can the show top it and maintain its appeal in Season 1? If this poster is any indication, then yes, it can. Part of Empire's appeal is that it reveals in its soapiness. It's not afraid to get dramatic, or heighten the scenario to involve unrealistically insane things like MURDER, or putting a little kid in a trash can (I will never forgive you for that, Lucious). Empire reflects its high stakes, glamorous cast, and dramatic nature in its new poster, which was revealed by the show's official Twitter on Wednesday.

Here's the poster and why it's getting me pumped for the new season:

It Shows Cookie And Lucious Side-By-Side

It's significant that they are sitting side-by-side, not one featured more prominently than the other. The initial marketing for Season 1 was mostly series star Terrence Howard, but now that it's clear Cookie runs things on this show, she's being featured in her own right. Let's be real, the show really is hers.

It Features An Epic Pun

See what they did there? They better make a poster that includes a Cookie pun.

It Is Glamorous As Hell

Cookie's dress! Lucious' confident, cross-legged perch! Additionally, the white and gold colors in this poster are gorgeous, making the whole thing just really stand out.

It Shows The Empire We All Love And Miss

It's been months since Season 1 ended. MONTHS. This little tease is the most Lyon we've been blessed with a long time, and Cookie is in full Cookie Mode.

This poster is helping us who are suffering through withdrawal, and I don't know about you, but I can't wait until Season 2

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