Amy Schumer Covers 'GQ' As Princess Leia But With 'Return Of The Jedi' Braids, Not The Signature Buns

Sometimes being a Trainwreck is the best possible thing for your career! Funny lady Amy Schumer posed as Princess Leia on the cover of GQ as fans eagerly anticipate her new film. Of course Schumer covered the mag with her own unique spin on a beloved character. She ditched Leia's signature side buns and white robe for the braid and bikini that Han Solo's main squeeze wore as Jabba the Hut's slave in Return of the Jedi.

Then there's this whole thing were C-3PO has his golden finger in Schumer's mouth. Schumer-as-Leia and 3PO sure got playful on the cover of GQ. Check out his wide-eyed wonder. But then again, he always looks like that.

Sorry if I was just nerding out with all the Star Wars knowledge, but I'm so excited about this.

It's the men's magazine's comedy issue and Schumer is the hottest thing in the genre right now. She has pretty much exploded overnight. She also just notched the cover of Glamour, which positions her in front of two very different audiences. It's evidence that she has indeed arrived and is one of the biggest breakout stars of 2015.

Her GQ cover could be one of the most memorable of the year. Comedians are sexy. Amy Schumer won't let you forget that.

Kudos to GQ and Schumer for going there with this cover.

Schumer also went glam with her Glamour cover. Don't you love how her eyes match the icy blue hue of her dress? She owns that blowout, too. Also, my ego loves the cover tag about bowing down to Amy, because, well, that's my name, too!

Here's J. Lo's mega sexy Rolling Stone cover from back in 2001. Slightly off topic, but does she, like, ever age? She looks as good now as she did then. This cover totally reminded me of Princess Leia in Return of the Jedi when it landed in my mailbox and it still does now; that's likely due to the bikini.

Now it's Schumer channeling that look and vibe.

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Finally, here's the inspo for Schumer's cover.

Images: GQ/Instagram (1); Glamour (1); Rolling Stone (1)