Daniel Radcliffe Becomes A Receptionist & To Be Honest, He Totally Sucks — VIDEO

What would you do if you walked into your place of work and Daniel Radcliffe was the receptionist? Can you imagine entering your office's doors and — bam! — there's Harry freaking Potter answering phones, signing for packages, and greeting guests? It sounds like some plot from a comedy or a Saturday Night Live skit, but this really happened. While visiting Nylon magazine's offices in New York City, Radcliffe played receptionist and to say he was terrible at the job is an understatement.

The magazine asked the Harry Potter actor to take over their receptionist's job (of course he did it, because he's super nice and willing to try anything) and filmed the entire thing. As you can watch below, the 25-year-old steps into the shoes of a receptionist willingly, but soon finds out that he makes a much better actor. He even goes as far as to call the job "the hardest thing [he's] ever done."

What makes Nylon's experiment even more amazing is that at first no one realizes Radcliffe is sitting at the desk. Eventually, employees notice the famous actor and start taking photos with him, which he gladly does. Um, Daniel, you're supposed to be working, not taking photos. See? He's really bad at his job. The whole thing becomes even funnier when Joe Jonas walks in and asks, "Are you new?” and "Are you from the England office?" And when Radcliffe goes to find the person Jonas is supposed to meet, the singer says, “This new guy sucks.” Don't worry, he was totally in on it — or so I think. Based on this tweet from Jonas, it sure sounds like he was messing with Radcliffe:

Did the actor make one poor receptionist? Yes, but, I mean, who really cares? It's Harry Potter! If I walked into work and saw the talented actor who made one of my favorite book characters come to life, I'd be happy beyond belief — even he did forget to transfer my calls and deliver my lunch.

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