A Robot Hotel In Japan Is Completely Run By Machines, Plus 9 Other Insanely Themed Hotels

Maybe I'm a total weirdo, but I really love hotels, motels, even Holiday Inns. Something about crashing in a place I'm not responsible to keep clean and neat or whatever — PLUS CABLE — is the best. It's an exotic thing, maybe. Even though the most basic hotel is enough to excite me, I cannot get over some of these themed hotels the universe offers, namely a Japanese hotel run entirely by robots. It's like....come again?

As it turns out, the entire planet isn't as enchanted by a plastic ice bucket as your girl (me). Instead, the hospitality industry has amped up their novelty game. Among the craziest options to lay your head for money is Sasebo, Japan Strange Hotel, set to open tomorrow, July 17. In Japanese, it's called Henn-na Hotel. The new accommodations use robots of both classic varieties, humanoid and dinosaur, to greet guests in the front lobby. Basically, the entire check-in process is automated through use of these robots. Instead of keycards, Strange Hotel utilizes facial recognition technology to identify guests and grant them access to their rooms. This actually might be an especially great plan for guests with butterfingers or heavy-drinking tendencies. Think of that freedom! Pretty appealing, honestly, I gotta admit. I mean, have you ever seen a concierge quite like this guy?

Or these two?

In the spirit of celebrating strange hotels, let's review some of the weirdest ones:

Kokopelli's Cave Bed & Breakfast in Farmington, New Mexico

Pravda Report on YouTube

You have to hike for your cavernous room, but I'd say it's a small price to pay to sleep in a freaking beautiful, carpeted cave.

Gamirasu Cave Hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey

Another series of cave room options, but no tromping over rocks necessary. Plus THAT POOL!

Jules' Undersea Lodge in Key Largo, Florida

OK—so if simply hiking to your room is too wussy for you, how about diving there? That's the only way to access Jules'. And don't worry: Overnight fees cover dinner via pizza delivery right to your aquatic room.

The Hotel Gracery in Tokyo, Japan

The world needed a Godzilla -themed hotel, so clearly Tokyo delivered. Sometimes I wonder if Tokyo is the most Internet IRL city on Earth. I think it might be. The rooms are monster-themed with an enormous Godzilla replica posed to appear attacking the structure. One room, pictured above, even features the enormous creature peaking in. Sweet dreams!

Choo Choo Hotel in Chattanooga, Tennessee


Gavin is the ULTIMATE tour guide for this hotel that's in an actual train car. He's so literal, I love it/him/this. It looks tiny, sure, but seriously—GAVIN.

Luxe Hotel Airplane Suite in Teuge, The Netherlands

Home design on YouTube

If you're a bit more into air travel, this converted plane might be your ticket for themed hotel bliss. There is a luxurious bathtub, even!

The Hotel Fox in Copenhagen, Denmark

geobeats on YouTube

Each of the 61 rooms is fantastically different, with a specially commissioned artist behind its design. Rooms vary from highly Gothic to Pop Art. It's essentially an art gallery you get to sleep and lounge in sans pants. Sign me up!

ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

This joint has all-ice everything—even ice beds. If that's your thing, this could be cool. Apologies for the weak pub.

McMenamins Kennedy School in Portland, Oregon

The former elementary school opened in 1915. It was abandoned for a while but now features 57 hotel rooms, converted from their original classroom setting. Seems like an especially steamy getaway option if you and/or your partner have sexy schoolhouse fantasies. Just an idea—I don't know your life.

Image: Lucasfilm