Your 10-Year-Old Self Would Have Loved This Hotel

There's a lot to love about American Girl dolls: They're endlessly customizable, they come with their own books, and they're some of the only dolls on the market that aren't hypersexualized. But there is perhaps nothing more amazing about American Girl dolls than the way in which the real world has catered to their existence, and allowed AG owners to treat their dolls to real experiences. First it was just American Girl cafés and hair salons, but now, for just $176 per night, guests can enjoy an American Girl Doll hotel experience in Tyson's Corner, Virginia. This really is the stuff dreams are made of.

The Hyatt Regency in Tyson's Corner came up with the concept in order to capture a percentage of the market that’s coming from the American Girl Place store around the corner (which also happens to be Virginia’s only American Girl store). Children and their dolls who purchase the package — or more accurately, girls who have the package purchased for them by adults — are treated to a special welcome snack, as well as given a souvenir bed where their doll can sleep. While that all sounds nice, the real experience, it seems, is the proximity to the American Girl Place store and Bistro.

I truly can't articulate how excited I would have been as a child to stay at a hotel that treated my doll as a guest. Not that it's any secret that we at Bustle are still pretty attached to our American Girl doll memories. In fact, there were a ton of hotel experiences that catered exclusively to the tastes of kids that I would have lost my mind over way back in the day. Come to think of it, maybe that's why my parents avoided them...


Want to blow your children's minds, or even relive the joy of childhood for yourself? Check out these five magical hotel experiences aimed at little ones:

1. The Eloise Suite at the Plaza Hotel

The Eloise Suite, named for the illustrious Eloise (of Eloise at the Plaza fame, duh), was designed by Betsey Johnson, and it shows. The chandeliered suite is all pink, black, and zebra print, and costs a clean $2,034 a night (hey, dreams aren't cheap). So what does that steep price get you? A night in the suite, tea for two at the Plaza, an Eloise robe, an Eloise puzzle, a $100 gift card to the Eloise shop downstairs, and (of course) a copy of Eloise at the Plaza.

2. The Wizard Chambers at the Georgian House

Sure, you can stay in America and hit up the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando if you have a kid who can't get enough of Harry Potter; if you really want an authentic experience, though, you should probably hop across the pond. London's Georgian House hotel offers The Wizard Chambers, complete with potions, four-poster beds, and moody candles and music to set the scene. Top the experience off with a "Muggle walking tour," organized through the hotel.


When you stay at the LEGOLAND hotel in Florida, you get four thematic options for your room: Pirate, adventure, kingdom, or LEGO friends. No matter what you choose, though, kids embark on a LEGO welcome treasure hunt when they arrive, as well as having unlimited LEGOs available to play with in the rooms. There are also designated bunk-bed sleeping areas so kids can have their own sections of the rooms.

4. Hello Kitty Suite at the Grand Hi-Lai

Bob Levey/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You have to head all the way to Taiwan for this one, but the Hello Kitty Suite at the Grand Hi-Lai hotel in Taiwan will make all your Hello Kitty dreams come true. The hotel features Hello Kitty rooms and suites, as well as a Hello Kitty car, tea, and bubble bath option.

5. Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

Campfire activities, an arcade, and free-roaming gazelles and giraffes: What more could you ask for? At Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge in Florida, you can get all the fun of a safari without leaving your hotel.

Images: ThePlazaEloise, georgianhouselondon, LegolandFlorida/ Instagram; Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge/ Facebook