Ladybeard Is The Bearded, Pigtailed, Metal-Singing J-Pop Sensation Of Your Wildest Dreams — VIDEO

I know approximately diddly-squat about J-Pop, but I do know that if you don't watch Ladybaby's "Nippon Manju" immediately then you are wasting every breath you take on this earth. The trio has taken Japan by storm with their viral hit, which features the infamous Ladybeard, a glamorous pigtail-wielding metal singer also known as Australian Richard Magarey. His two sidekicks, Rie Kaneko​ and Rei Kuromiya, top off this adorably insane video, wherein the three of them dance around streets in Japan and act as the most collectively ridonkulous tourist ad you'll ever see.

I don't mean to oversell this, but it's basically Christmas come early up in here. The trio sings exclusively about reasons why you should visit Japan, which include and are not limited to cute girls, lots of sticky candy, and "everywhere is so safe". Also, Ladybeard def metal yells about the Pagoda tower. What more could you ask for??

I already desperately want to visit Japan, but hot damn, book me on the next flight. If this beautiful mess is even a fraction of what is waiting for us, then I might just never leave. Here is a sneak preview of what's in store for you, my friends:


SQUAD GOALS to the highest degree. I'm going to call all my friends and dump them right now so I don't have anything holding me back when I fly to Japan and force Ladybaby to accept me as their fourth band member. Good thing I've got my mom on speed dial.


This is it, guys. Finally, something more prolific than the "Bad Blood" video. It took some scrappy pigtails and rampant abuse of a selfie stick to make it happen, but I think we can all agree that it was worth it.

Images: YouTube(2)