Justin Bieber Covers 'Interview' Shirtless, Of Course, Because He's Serious About His New Fashionable Persona

More Bieber news, and no, the singer hasn't released new music. Justin Bieber posed for Interview magazine, and has once again put his hat in the fashion ring in a full photo spread with famed photographer Steven Klein. Bieber opted to go total shirtless for the fashion mag's cover, as per usual, giving us Bieber-butt flashbacks. Maybe no clothes is the new clothes for the pop star?

The polaroid-esque shoot features a shirtless Bieber with messy hair, lots of pouty Bieber-face, and some very, very strange accessories. I mean, who else would combine a creepy clown mask and a fedora in one spread? The photos themselves aren't even the strangest aspect of the shoot: none other than Martha Stewart sat down with the young star to talk to him about live, love, and style. Who wouldn't want to be a fly on the wall in that interview room?

It's not too surprising that Bieber is spending his time making his mark in the fashion world. Bieber recently spoke to Women's Wear Daily to further insist that fashion is just as large of a passion for him as music, even sharing some of his favorite looks (if you thought you'd never hear Bieber say the word "drapey," your mind is now blown). But Bieber definitely traded his drape-y favs for less clothing, and more weird masks this time around.

Check out the photos below, and prepare to be, well... confused?

Justin Bieber of the clown from It?

And back to the Beiber face:

Finally, that cover shot:

Images: Steven Klein/Interview (5)