Bustle's 'Pretty Little Liars' Podcast Leaves "No Stone Unturned" With That Haleb Scene & The Ultimate Kimye Reference

If there were ever an episode that spoke to us at Bustle's Pretty Little Liars podcast Taking This One To The Grave on a spiritual level, it was Tuesday night's "No Stone Unturned." I mean, we are shameless Haleb 'shippers here and the series finally delivered on I. Marlene King's hints that we'd get a steamy Haleb scene on Pretty Little Liars Season 6. OK, fine, there were a lot of other important details revealed during Tuesday's episode — the most game-changing of which being that Charles is alive on PLL (even though none of us really believed he was dead in the first place). But, if we're being totally honest here, airing our grievances about the brevity of the Haleb scene and openly praising Hanna for being PLL's MVP are top priority this week. Well, and Caleb's INCREDIBLE Kimye reference.

All of the beautiful Haleb-ness aside, however, there are a lot of other things to talk about this week. Particularly, Emily and Sara's long-time-coming hook up (and her terrible taste in women), that cute raccoon in the lab, and a crazy Tumblr clue that reminded us that ever-elusive Boo Boos Ice Cream is still a part of this story. So, once we get over all of over Haleb feels — bear with us — here's what else is on the slate for the latest episode of Taking This One To The Grave:

  • The debate on whether or not mere mortals can wear Emily's totally on fleek leather overalls
  • Our general agreement that Hanna's secret life as a badass is the best part of PLL
  • Spencer's rut and the Toby vs. Dean dilemma

Check out the episode below to hear us wax poetic about Haleb being OTP. Then follow Bustle’s SoundCloud page to get future episodes of Taking This One To The Grave as we dive deeper into the mysteries that'll ultimately lead us to Charles.

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