'Pretty Little Liars' "She's No Angel" Gets The Bustle Podcast Treatment Now That We've Healed From That Radley Dream

Another week, another red herring, am I right? After ending last week's episode without any major Big A suspects, Pretty Little Liars returned with "She's No Angel," an episode that had one highly anticipated homecoming, which was unfortunately paired with the arrival of someone who really didn't need to come back. You can listen to me and Entertainment Editor Kelsea Stahler discuss all of that in this week's episode of Bustle's PLL podcast Taking This One To The Grave, because like many fans, we have a ton of feelings about Lesli Stone. Mostly negative feelings, but feelings nonetheless.

Of course, there was much more to talk about than the return of Mona's friend, who just jumped to the top of the Liars' list of Big A suspects, though I'm pretty sure that not a single fan is buying this particular idea. We obviously had to delve into Spencer's stint as a stoner, which mainly consisted of constantly eating baked goods and spending some time with her former sober coach Dean, who has somehow gotten even hotter since Season 4. Aria and Ali, meanwhile, were cozying up to their new love interests, while Emily was still blindly trusting hers, which made Kelsea go on an unparalleled anti-Sara Harvey tirade. In the midst of all this, Hanna complained about a sexual dry spell to Spencer, which left me in a furious state, bewildered as to how she could not constantly be jumping Caleb's bones. All that, plus:

  • An analysis of those horrifying Maddie Ziegler scenes, which we didn't exactly agree about
  • Kelsea's decision that Mr. DiLaurentis has the world's most foreboding headlights
  • A quasi-fight over whether ChArles donating his organs is a clue about the real Big A (umm, obviously)
  • You can't see it, but Kelsea and I simultaneously shaking our damn heads at Sara and Emily's tattoo picks
  • An exciting announcement about next week's new podcast

Check out the episode below to get your mind off the idea of Toby sexting. Then follow Bustle’s SoundCloud page to get future episodes of Taking This One To The Grave as we dive deeper into the mysteries of Charles, Radley, and Emily's inability to question Sara.

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Image: Eric McCandless/ABC Family

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