21 Books To Read When You Need A Laugh, Because We've All Been There

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Books have the power to do so many magical things. They can transport you to new and exciting places. They inspire your creativity. They teach you the most important life lessons. Books can make you think, smile, and weep, but the best kind is the ones that can make you laugh.

Sure, it's great to read the tear-jerkers, the thought-provokers, and the literary classics. But sometimes, there's nothing better than setting down to a good book and finding yourself doubled over, laughing aloud. Laughter is, after all, the best medicine, and humorous reads are a great way to fill the prescription. Whether you prefer the real-life antics of a bumbling 20-something or the mishaps of under-qualified detective types, there is a book out there with your name on it.

No matter what kind of sense of humor you have, you'll be able to find something to make you LOL in one of these 21 books.

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