The 'Jane the Virgin' Emmys Snub Proves There Is No Justice In This World

Growing up, our parents and teachers tried to tell us that sometimes, life just isn't fair and things don't always work out the way we hope — but nothing could have prepared us for this. Jane the Virgin has been snubbed by the Emmys except for ONE NOMINATION — for its narration. The critic and fan favorite show saw its first season receive zero love from the Television Academy, not even for its stellar lead actress Gina Rodriguez. Last winter, Rodriguez won the Golden Globe for her Jane The Virgin performance, and that award show is traditionally viewed as a precursor to the Emmys, an indication of the higher-calibre award show at the end of the season. Unfortunately, the Emmys didn't take the hint.

There are multiple reasons we can chock this snub up to: Firstly, that the Emmy voters simply have no soul and were not as moved by the charming, compassionate show that has already won a Peabody Award. But more pragmatically, it is possible that the Emmys did not know how to cope with the idea of a 40-minute comedy following its recent rule change, which declared all comedies to be half-hour long. This new rule proved to be less of an issue for the dramedy Orange is the New Black, which has more dramatic drive than Jane the Virgin does, but this lack of love still just feels egregious. JTV is just as dramatic as it is hiliarious. Wake up, Emmys.

The Emmys couldn't even show love for the quality of writing, directing, casting, or producing. It is very possible that they just didn't know that the show existed, because it is impossible NOT to love it once you see it.

And you want to know how I know I'm not insane for feeling this way? My "friends" on Twitter are having the exact same reaction:

The only thing that can quell the pain is Tatiana Maslany's long overdue nomination for Orphan Black. At least we have that.