Will There Be An 'Ant-Man' Sequel? Here's What Could Happen In The Continuing Adventures Of The Tiny Hero

The summer's biggest superhero doesn't carry a hammer, a shield or have a multi-million dollar metal suit equipped with sophisticated weaponry. Instead, he communicates with ants. Scary, right? Yet in Ant-Man, star Paul Rudd plays the titular character with as much, if not more charisma and heart than some of the other Marvel superheroes seen on the big screen. That said, will this be enough to give the movie a second round — will there be a Ant-Man sequel? Based on the critical praise, fan reactions, and projected success of the movie, all signs are pointing to a strong yes.

Update: On Oct. 8, Marvel revealed that Ant-Man and the Wasp , a sequel, will be released on July 6, 2018.

Despite early production problems and fan skepticism, Ant-Man delivered beyond expectations. It's garnering early positive reviews and is on track for a great box office opening. It likely won't be the biggest Marvel movie of all time, but it certainly won't be a disappointment. It's essentially the underdog superhero movie and a good bookend to Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel president Kevin Feige said that Ant-Man plays a big part in introducing us to elements of MCU's Phase Three and that Rudd is signed on for at least three studio movies. Based on a post-credits scene in Ant-Man, we already know that he's going to be in Captain America: Civil War. But what's after that? When Marvel announced Phase Three of their master plan, there was no Ant-Man 2 — but there's always Phase Four. Whenever they do get to the sequel for the big/tiny superhero, here are some plot lines that fans definitely need to see. (spoilers ahead.)

1. Make Ant-Man Grow Bigger!

We all know that as Ant-Man, Scott can shrink down in size, but in the comics, he can also get bigger — huge! Imagine the acton sequences with him as Giant-Man.

2. See Hank Pym In Action As The Original Ant-Man

We barely scratched the surface of the original Ant-Man mythology. Flashbacks of the adventures of the early Ant-Man will also help viewers know Hank a bit better. It's always fun to see an origin story unfold.

3. Explore The Quantum Realm

When Scott ventures into the Quantum Realm, it is trippy. Really trippy. Like Ant-Man's mythology, we hardly know anything about this world. The MCU could get a lot out of exploring what is really in that world and why it's so dangerous.

4. Have Evangeline Lilly Finally Become Wasp

Throughout the entire movie, Hope van Dyne (Lilly) proves that she is badass. With that, the audience sits at the edge of their seats waiting for her to make a huge entrance in an action sequence as Wasp. Unfortunately, it doesn't happen. In the first post-credits scene, though, Hope gets introduced to the Wasp uniform and the audience is just as excited. Hope kicking butt as Wasp is something the audience deserves to see.

5. Find Out Who The Original Wasp Was

Hank's wife didn't die, she just disappeared into the Quantum Realm. If Scott could come back from it, then they could certainly find her to give a happy, yet dysfunctional family reunion for Hope and Hank. My vote for Janet van Dyne? Kristin Scott Thomas.

6. Get More Shenanigans And Jokes From Scott's Gang

Michael Pena, David Dastmalchian, and T.I. as Scott's heist crew give the perfect amount of levity and humor throughout the movie. It's non-intrusive, clever, effortless, and we need more of it.

Ant-Man may open many doors to movies in Marvel Phase 3, but it also gives enough room for a deserving sequel.

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