Robin Wright's 2015 Emmy Outfit Will Be Sleek, Modern, And Possibly Black

Actresses always seem to struggle with finding new ways to stand out on the red carpet amongst a sea of their gorgeous colleagues wearing even more spectacularly beautiful ball gowns without treading into clownish or worst-dressed territory. But no matter the awards show, Robin Wright, who was nominated for Lead Actress in a Drama for the 2015 Emmys, always manages to perfectly walk that line between old-school Hollywood glamour and modern, jaw-dropping chic.

Wright has a penchant for wearing simple, monochromatic dresses with plenty of structure and unusual detailing. She also tends to opt for more masculinely tailored or suit-inspired pieces that show off her slim, athletic frame to advantage. The white pantsuit she wore to this year's Oscar, although it was largely overlooked by best-dressed lists (a fact that blows my mind to this day), was particularly show-stopping, especially when you realize it had a totally cut-out back. While Wright's sense of style is clearly a cut above the rest, what makes her looks truly stunning is the fact that they're so true to her. Wright never compromises her personal aesthetic just to be on-trend or make a statement that will get her picture splashed all over the tabloids the next day.

The actress is truly a timeless beauty, and so it's fitting that everything she wears equally exudes that same sense of eternal chic. While she's dropped no clues about what she might be wearing to this year's Emmys ceremony, here are six designer pieces that perfectly nail her fancied-up tomboy aesthetic.

Ralph Lauren

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Considering the temperature outside, Wright would definitely have to ditch the strange fur accessories, but otherwise this little gold dress would make just the right impression.

Victoria Beckham

Jerome Favre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Beckham should be Wright's go-to designer with her collections backed full of minimalist, yet perfectly structured and modern sheaths. I can imagine the actress rocking every look in her line on a daily basis.

Armani Privé Couture

Thierry Chesnot/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Armani Privé's couture collection this year was littered with unusual takes on traditional suiting, which is right in Wright's wheelhouse. This beaded fringe jumpsuit is a little modern for her wardrobe, but there's another head-to-toe beaded pantsuit in the subtlest turquoise ombré in this collection that's pretty much screaming Robin's name.


Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Balenciaga is often a little too young for the way Wright typically dresses, but as Alexander Wang settles into his seat at the head of the house, he's found new and interesting ways to balance his youthful club-kid personal aesthetic with the more historically-based, structural silhouettes of the house. The result is gorgeous pieces like this, that much like Wright herself, blend the modern and traditional worlds to major effect.


Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Valentino basically invented minimalist chic. The Italian designers always present something that's at once sexy and modestly sedate. In other words, the epitome of everything Wright's ever worn.

Anthony Vaccarello


Most of Anthony Vaccarello's pieces are probably a little too revealing for Wright, but the flowy, slit-up-to-there aesthetic of the designer would look right at home on Robin's mile-long legs. I'm sure if these two got together they could find a middle ground that would make style-enthusiasts everywhere absolutely lose their minds.

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