'Hobbit' Meets 'Mean Girls' And It's Great

We should feel grateful to live in an era so abundant. Not with jobs or anything like that, don't be silly — but with Mean Girls parodies. We're not exactly surprised that this The Hobbit crossover with Mean Girls is making the rounds, but that doesn't mean we're not still very excited about it. The video features Bilbo Baggins as our Cady Heron, new to the ways of the Middle Earth hierarchy and needing a tutorial in it from Gandalf (he's our Damien, natch). We would be lying if we didn't say that Thranduil is taking on the role of Regina George — because it's super perfect and it just works.

The video also does a good job of introducing us to Tauriel, the new lady-elf we'll be meeting in Desolation of Smaug, although we'd quibble with her casting as the dumb as doornails Karen Smith-type. We'd lobby for her as more of a Gretchen Weiners.

Our favorite part of this is definitely how perfectly Thranduil-as-Regina works into the Tumblr headcanon that Thranduil is some kind of dwarf-racist party dad. Because who else would Regina George be as Queen of the Elves?

Image: OnlyLeigh/Youtube, Noelle Stevenson/Tumblr