What Your Hogwarts House Says About Your Lit Taste

by Julia Seales

Whether you've been sorted by Pottermore, the @SortingHatBot gave you a designated place, or you chose on your own, you probably have an idea of which Hogwarts house would be the perfect fit. Maybe you're a classic Gryffindor, home of Hermione Granger and Professor McGonagall, with the mascot of a lion. Or you could be a brainy Ravenclaw, like Luna Lovegood and Cho Chang, and the eagle is more your style. If badgers are your favorite, maybe you're a kind and caring Hufflepuff, home of characters such as Nymphadora Tonks and Professor Sprout. And, of course, there's always ambitious Slytherin — home of Severus Snape, with the mascot of a snake. So many choices. So many opportunities for to wear clothing in the corresponding colors of your house...

Of course, there is more to learn from your Hogwarts house than just which animal is your mascot. After all, the Sorting Hat sang a lot of songs about the houses, which provided plenty of info on what traits were valued in each house. And if you apply these traits to something such as, say, book preferences... well, you can find out quite a bit. So straighten your house scarf and badge and read on to see what YOUR Hogwarts house says about your literary taste.


Gryffindors are defined by their bravery, daring, nerve, and chivalry — which means you're probably drawn to classic tales of adventure. Anything from classic stories of knights in Camelot to modern quest stories catches your attention. Though you may not always finish the books you start — you've got a lot to do, after all — if you find something exciting enough to capture your attention, you'll follow through to the end.

Your favorite genres: Fantasy, adventure, thriller

Books you might enjoy: The Princess Bride , The Girl on the Train, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, Ready Player One


Hufflepuffs value hard work, patience, loyalty, and fair play — so if you're a Hufflepuff, you probably gravitate toward inspirational stories and self-help books. Whether you're reading a book to help you find yourself and realize your true potential, or a story of those who stayed the course and found success, you appreciate down-to-earth characters and realistic plot lines. And book length doesn't bother you — you're patient enough to appreciate a long but beautiful story.

Your favorite genres: Self-help, Inspirational, Realistic Fiction

Books you might enjoy: Anne of Green Gables, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, Unbroken, Bridget Jones's Diary


Ravenclaws are known for their intelligence, knowledge, and wit. After all, to get into their common room, students have to answer riddles. You're up for any book that's a challenge, whether that means something super long, super-intellectual, or something super popular so you can talk about it with fellow intellectuals. Basically, you'll read almost anything, and your bookshelves are packed with the evidence of your constant literary shopping sprees.

Your favorite genres: Educational, witty humor, mysteries, best sellers, and any book that's a challenge

Books you might enjoy: Clarissa, The Cuckoo's Calling, Gone Girl, An Abundance of Katherines


Slytherins value ambition, cunning, and resourcefulness, so if you're a Slytherin, you enjoy books that reflect these ideals. Stories of successful people often catch your eye, as do books with unlikely protagonists — after all, your ambition is often misunderstood, so you can relate to characters in similar situations. You're also drawn to stories where heroes succeed despite the odds, and, of course, classics written by driven authors.

Your favorite genres: Biographies, Books with unlikely protagonists, Classics

Books you might enjoy: The Picture of Dorian Gray, Rebecca, Anna Karenina, Yes Please

Images: Giphy(3), wesandersens/Tumblr