Charles' Birthday May Mark Another 'PLL' Occasion

Things are not looking so good for the DiLaurentis family, and it's all thanks to a certain prodigal son. Charles DiLaurentis is alive on Pretty Little Liars , which means the Liars aren't well. It seems that Kenneth was either lying about Charles' death in Radley or was lied to by his late ex-wife, and now the secret sibling is coming back to seek revenge on the entire family. Charles announced his return in a birthday card to himself, but tackiness isn't this dude's greatest faux pas. Big A is planning something major for his family to celebrate another year, but what does Charles' birthday mean to him, and everyone else?

That's the question on everyone's mind right now. Charles hasn't been unmasked, but now that his birthday is around the corner, it seems like he might be getting just a little bit less "shy." He's coming home to celebrate his birthday with his family, but I have a feeling there will be more to the party than cake and presents. There's a reason why Charles picked his birthday to make his big return, and Pretty Little Liars may have given us a clue to what it might be: Charles' birthday may actually be the anniversary of his "death."

We don't know that much about Charles' life, but we do know one thing for sure: Charles was a patient at Radley, and someone forged his file to say that he killed himself when he was 16 years old. We don't have an exact birth date for Charles, but we do know that he's a little older than Jason, who is seemingly 24 years old. That would make Charles roughly 26. (By the way, this supports the Wren is Charles theory, which is explained below.)

As the timeline works out, the tenth anniversary of Charles' death could be coming up this year. Maybe Charles isn't actually celebrating his "birthday," but is celebrating the time in which he was forced to assume a new identity — the time when Charles "died" and a new person had to be reborn. For more Big A theories, check out Bustle's PLL podcast.

Let's say that Kenneth was telling the truth and that he really didn't know Charles was still alive. That would mean Jessica really did lie to Kenneth about their son, and more likely than not, she helped him form a brand new identity. Perhaps Jessica wanted Charles to have a normal life, so she told her husband that he was dead. Charles could have stayed in Radley for another few years (perhaps until he turned 18) but as far as anyone on the outside knew, his identity was wiped clean.

There has to be a reason why Charles is celebrating this specific date, and the 10-year anniversary of his "rebirth" would make a lot of sense. Charles may finally be fed up with the lies and the hiding and is ready to show everyone who he really is.

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