Online Professional Womenswear Service MM. LaFleur Will Make Every Weekday Morning A Little More Manageable

The struggle can be so real when you're running late for work in the morning and you open up your closet to find that you have absolutely nothing to wear. Sure, there are clearly clothes hanging in your closet, but there's zero new outfits you can think of putting together. Good thing there's an online professional womenswear service called, MM. LaFleur, which provides their clients with classy outfits for working professionals. While business attire can become quite monotonous to wear, the goal at MM. LaFleur. is, "to make the purposeful woman look and feel beautiful, without having to work too hard at it." Their pieces aren't your typical trendy types, but rather, they are timeless, clean-cut, and beautiful.

The online service provides what they call a Bento Box, filled with tops, skirts, and accessories. They will always send over a full outfit or two so that you don't just end up with more random clothes that you'll have to find a way to style in the morning. The way this service works is that you don't have to pay anything to receive a Bento, but if you want to keep a certain item, you pay for only what you want.

The clothes and accessories are styled and sent to you based off of your results from a fun quiz. The quiz will ask you questions like, "How do you like your clothes to fit on you?" with a series of answers like: Loose-fitting, tailored fit, etc. The clothes are created with high-quality fabrics from Italy and Japan, so most pieces will cost anywhere from $150 to $300.

I'm curious to see how popular this service will become. While picking out outfits for a work day can be tedious at times, for the most part, it feels great when you wear an ensemble that you are particularly proud of. In addition, there are tons of items in my closet that I've treasured forever and love wearing season to season. Still, I see the appeal here and with the world of fast fashion at an all-time-high, it's clear that a service like this will be useful and attractive to those who get bored of their clothes quickly.

You can get started with your first Bento Box here.

Images: mmlafleur/Instagram (3)