11 Steps to Throwing Your Own Chrismukkah

We all had a crush on Seth Cohen in the early 2000s. (If you didn't, well, that's just ridiculous.) So it's undeniable that our nostalgia for The O.C. , bitch, is unequaled. And, during this holiday season, we're especially nostalgic for the best made-up holiday of all time — Chrismukkah, the holy union between the greatest gift-giving holidays, Christmas and Hanukkah, as invented by one Seth Cohen.

The holiday that combines Hanukkah's eight days of gift-giving and Christmas' one day of a whole lot of gift-giving has become the second most popular pop culture holiday after Seinfeld's Festivus. In fact, every year, I hunker down with my O.C. DVD box set and watch the four Chrismukkah episodes back-to-back to get into the holiday spirit. Because there's nothing more spirited than watching Seth Cohen chase after a Chrismukkah miracle.

So our gift to you this year? Our step-by-step guide to throwing the ultimate Chrismukkah this holiday season. (Hey, if you aren't going to celebrate it on The O.C. 's 10-year anniversary, then when are you going to celebrate it?) Go ahead, grab your Yarmul-clauses and make Seth Cohen proud.

Step One: Let everyone know that they no longer have to choose between Christmas and Hanukkah.

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Step Two: Reveal your solution...

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Step Three: Stock up on Yarmul-clauses for your guests.

Summer made them for Seth to help spread holiday cheer. What better way to combine the holidays than to don these? Etsy and Kaboodle both have great options if you're not crafty enough to make them yourself.

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Step Four: Set up a rocking, alternative soundtrack. Emphasis on alternative.

If you have Jimmy Eat World's version of "Last Christmas," you'll give Cohen and Captain Oats holiday cheer.

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Step Five: Make sure you have all of your multi-denominational decorations.

Stockings and a menorah? The epitome of joint-holiday celebration.

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Step Six: Choose your perfect Christmas tree.

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Step Seven: And make sure your family menorah is up to par.

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Step Eight: Let everyone know that they will NOT be able to kill the holiday cheer.

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Step Nine: And engage your friends in holiday cheer.

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Step 10: And remind them that Chrismukkah is a time for miracles.

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Step 11: Last but not least... BAGELS.

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