Elizabeth Gilbert's 'Magic Lessons' For Creatives

In anticipation of her new book, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear , Elizabeth Gilbert has launched a new podcast called "Magic Lessons." Guests include creatives and experts, and Gilbert's podcast targets creative women who struggle with unlocking their creative potential and finding an agreeable work-life balance. The first episode went live on Wednesday.

"Magic Lessons" is delivered with Gilbert's signature, inwardly peaceful style, and the first episode is peppered with her throaty, infectious laughter. She acts as the host-as-guru, guiding her creative guests with inspirational quotes and sound, but flexible, philosophy. It's a perfect fit. Big Magic was, according to Galley Cat, "inspired ... by the conversations [Gilbert] has had with her fans through social media." The podcast bridges the gap between Gilbert's online persona and Big Magic, bringing in guests for one-on-one interviews, after which the author dishes out sagely wisdom and support. Gilbert is careful not to overstep the bounds of her experience, however.

The first episode features social media strategist Erin Rawlings, who talks about the struggle of being drawn to work but feeling guilty for "neglecting" her children. After a brief discussion of fear-as-guilt and the expectations society puts on mothers to become sacrificial lambs, Gilbert admits that she doesn't feel comfortable advising Rawlings on how to parent her children. Having said that, the Big Magic author drops an information nugget certain to draw listeners back to "Magic Lessons": coming on to talk about Rawlings' balancing act — and parenting as a creative in general — for episode 2 will be none other than CHERYL freakin' STRAYED.

So, I'm excited, and you will be, too. Check out "Magic Lessons" on your favorite podcast app and look for Big Magic to hit store shelves on September 22.

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert, $14, Amazon