11 Books That Will Help You Build Better Self Esteem, Because Everyone Could Use A Boost Sometimes

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It's often hard to feel good about yourself. Hell, most women are taught not to feel good about themselves. We have to lean in, and demand what we want, but that's not always easy, especially when we see ourselves as [insert every negative adjective you've ever called yourself]. It's all enough to make me want to hide under a blanket for a week (at least) and watch Project Runway. Which can, unfortunately, make the cycle even worse. WHAT IS GOING ON?

Well, that's all B.S., and deep down, you know it. You know that you're smart and you're driven. You know that you're beautiful both inside and out, because beauty is always in the eye of the beholder and standards of beauty are pretty silly. But knowing it and feeling it are two different things. These books will help remind you why you're awesome, how to be cool in your own skin.

Image: Kiran Foster/flickr

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