This Little Girl's Trick Shots Are Insane

I have a love-hate relationship with parents who put their children's videos on YouTube. On the one hand, I always say I would never post hilarious videos of my kids for viral potential. But on the other hand, whenever other people do, I sincerely appreciate the LOLZ. Think about what those posts have brought us: Toddler fashion trends, babies crying over avocados, and much, MUCH more. And now it's brought us this ~Hug Life~ video of a little girl doing trick shots. And by tricks shots, I don't mean like your average around the back beer pong shot, babe. I mean throw the piece of bread up over your head and watch as it lands in the toaster kind of deal.

Anyway, I don't know what kind of training regimen this chick's parents have her on, but it's working. And it involves eating toast and watching DVDs, so it seems pretty legit. For her next video, I would like to see her throw a blanket and have it land on top of her little brother to tuck him in. (Note: That's a hypothetical little brother, I'm not actually sure he exists.)

Get ready to see the trick shots that’ll make bending it like Beckham seem like child’s play.

The toilet paper trick shot:

The over the shoulder into the ceramic thing on the table shot:

The toothbrush trick shot:

Her reaction is EVERYTHING.

Watch the full #HugLife video:

Images: YouTube (4)