These 7 Movies Are Perfect For Aries

When it comes to the zodiac, Aries have got to be one of the most intense — if not the most intense — sign out there. They're fiery and passionate, which can border on overwhelming at times, but they put their whole heart and soul into everything they do. They're also funny, lively, and the life of the party, so basically they're pretty awesome people to be around. When it comes to being entertained, Aries' constant joie de vivre leads them to choose music, books, and movies that are as high energy as they are, and thankfully, there are plenty of options out there that fit the bill — particularly when it comes to the film world. After all, Aries might be constantly on the go, but everybody loves relaxing in front of the TV after a long day, right?

Aries are great at starting things when they're feeling fired up, but they tend to lose interest quickly if the thing they're involved in fails to keep their attention. Because of this, they tend to gravitate towards movies that are focused and fast-paced from the beginning, rather than stories that unfold in a painfully slow fashion. If you're an Aries or you know one, here are some movies that you (or they) will definitely love.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

While Aries can be very no-nonsense, they do have an incredibly romantic side (it's that whole "passionate" thing I mentioned) and they love unconventional, intense relationships, so Eternal Sunshine is right up their alley.

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Aries like action, but they like that action to have meaning. Lucy was an incredibly cerebral thriller with a deeper message behind all the violence, which makes it a perfect pick for the sign.

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The Theory Of Everything

Aries are incredibly smart, as a general rule, and are incredibly curious about the world around them. They love true stories of real life heroes who change the world they live in for the better, so this look at Stephen Hawking's early life is a winner.

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Big Hero 6

There's no one who doesn't love Big Hero 6, but it's particularly perfect for Aries because it's heartwarming without being corny (and corny is something Aries just can't abide).

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The Heat

Aries love to laugh, and they love characters that are whip-smart and outspoken, much like themselves. The combination of those two things in The Heat is why the sign will watch this one over and over again.

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Twenty Feet From Stardom

As I've already mentioned, Aries love true stories, and given that many of them are extroverts, they enjoy Hollywood and find the industry fascinating, even if they don't want to be part of it themselves. Aries also tend to be big music lovers, making this documentary a double win.

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Waiting For Guffman

As mentioned, Aries love to laugh, and they love parody. Christopher Guest's clever mockumentary on a small town theater production will have them roaring with laughter (and likely quoting it every five seconds for years to come).

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