7 Sassy Girl Emoji Shirts, Chokers, & Other Pieces Of Apparel That'll Help You Tells It Like It Is

In the massive list of emojis available for use, a few are undeniable more useful on a day-to-day basis. The sassy girl emoji is one of those — even if she's allegedly supposed to be an Information Desk Person, whatever that means. If this pink-shirted lady really resonates with your personality, why not show that attitude off with sassy girl emoji clothing and accessories? By wearing these items, you’ll be able to, you know, let the emojis do all of the talking. After all, who has time to talk when we could just text (or wear) our feelings?

The sassy girl is possibly the best emoji, and there’s never been a better time to wear this little lady around because lazy-girl style is trending so hard right now. Nothing says “I don’t really GAF” quite like that her. From skirts with her tiny figure printed all over it to chokers with her charm on it, you’ll be able to get your point across just fine, without saying a word. Not to mention, your emoji game will be on fleek, which is absolutely crucial.

Shop the best of sassy girl emoji gear and spare yourself from wasting time talking to anyone. Finally!

1. Sassy Girl Choker

$12, Etsy

2. Sassy Skirt

$29.99, Etsy

3. Bad Bish Wallet

$49, Dolls Kill

4. Sassy Girl Emoji Leggings

$61.25, Redbubble

5. Emoji Sass Tote

$16.42, Redbubble

6. Sassy Crop Top

$16, Etsy

7. Emoji Earrings

$8, Etsy

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