Don't Be Bummed About The Britt & Brady Breakup

The Bachelorette news just keeps coming, but this time it's a silver lining rather than another cloud. We recently learned that former Bachelor contestant Britt Nilsson & Brady Troops broke up, but don't worry! According to recent social media updates, as far as reality television relationships go, it doesn't seem like there was a lot of nasty fallout. When Britt lost the Bachelorette title to Kaitlyn at the beginning of this season, contestant Brady left to pursue her instead and was seemingly successful. They ended up dating for two months, but it ultimately just didn't work out romantically.

Honestly, I'm impressed. It baffles me that lasting relationships ever form in the intense environment that is Bachelor Nation. When all of that goes away, things are certain to change. This couple did have the advantage of starting a relationship outside of the spotlight, but that didn't seem to make a difference in the long run. Still, I'm happy that Britt and Brady were both able to control the media flow regarding their split and seem to have broken up amicably.

The circumstances regarding their breakup were a bit of a mystery. Was this just a distance thing between Brady's Nashville (and touring) music life and Britt's California roots? Was their relationship, break my fragile heart, just too fast of a whirlwind to be true? Thankfully, on Friday the pair both took to Instagram to thank the fans and provide a bit of a personal update that clears things up. Here's what Nilsson had to say.

See? It's not so bad. Here's Brady's post as well.

Based on that quote, it looks like he's also confirming fan suspicions about the many previous social media posts between the two that foreshadowed this public breakup. In a People magazine interview, the Britt and Brady went in depth about what happened. It seems they weren't the match that they originally thought they could be.

"He's more of an introvert and I'm an extrovert," Nilsson sad. "I'm just more loud and outgoing and I'm always on the go. Brady's a little bit more meditative. We weren't fed by the same things."

Still, with such an exciting beginning, it's sad that they didn't work out. In a season with a lot of "rule breaking" this was an excellent twist. Their story was the kind that could make you believe in The Bachelor, love at first sight, and all that wonderful mush all over again! Hopefully, now that the breakup is public, the two will be able to get some closure, move on, and be happy!