How It Feels To Eat Lunch At Your Desk Every Day When Nobody Believes In Lunch Breaks — VIDEO

According to CollegeHumor, your desk is the hot new lunch spot, and I have to say, they sure aren't wrong. How many days a week do you eat while working or while sitting at your desk? When I worked at an office, I'd probably opt for ~desk lunch~ three days a week. Now that I work from home, I guess you could say I eat at my desk every day because my desk is also my kitchen table. I could really stand to get out more, as could pretty much everyone that is munching on chips and heating up questionable smelling leftovers to eat in an open office space. Yeah, overall, CollegeHumor's argument seems to be holding up really well.

Personally I have big dreams to one day work in an office (that's optional to go into, of course) with a commissary that serves gourmet meals. And an outdoor patio that I can venture onto that has flawless wifi with a perfect, cushy spot partially in the sun and partially in the shade. And let me just emphasize that this would all be FREE, in addition to being gourmet. In this dream world we are all living our best lives, one beautiful lunch at a time.

Anyway, here’s the cold, dark reality of always eating lunch at your desk, illustrated in CollegeHumor's latest video:

It's the fancy new spot


And it features phenomenal appetizers like the Mayo-Covered Keyboard


As your entree, please enjoy a crappy salad while staring at this article


Watch the full video:

CollegeHumor on YouTube

Now weep a little as you realize it accurately reflects your life.

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