These Ben. H Instagrams Are Too Adorable For Words

by Tracy Dye

As per usual, Shawn Booth and Nick Viall were ready to go fisticuffs on the July 14 episode of ABC's The Bachelorette, while sweet Ben Higgins — or Ben H., as he is oft known — avoided the drama by continuing to prove himself as a real-life Prince Charming. It was no surprise that Higgins — the epitome of everything dreamy and right with the world — made it all the way to the Fantasy Suites, but I believe there was a collective gasp heard through the nation when Kaitlyn Bristowe tearfully eliminated our favorite suitor at the rose ceremony. Clearly brokenhearted, Higgins managed to keep his composure and had nothing but sweet things to say about Bristowe during his mournful limo ride home. One limo door closing leads to another opening, however, and Bachelorette fans saw the silver lining in the heartbreaking elimination when it was pretty much confirmed that Higgins will be the next Bachelor when the network's 20th season premieres this fall. Say it with me now: YAS!!

The long-running series has bestowed us with an eclectic mix of Bachelors and Bachelorettes who have made their way through our respective television screens to gain a place in our reality-television-loving hearts. In my humble opinion, though, Higgins is poised to be the most memorable and beloved Bachelor this franchise has ever seen. Not only is he kind, genuine, and personally reminds me of what Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid would look like in real life, but his adorable personality has been showcased both onscreen and off. As if we could fall any more in love with Higgins, taking a gander at his squee-worthy Instagram posts is bound to cause a universal explosion of hearts. In celebration of Higgins' unparalleled cuteness, let's take a look at his most adorable Instagrams. You. Are. Welcome.

1. This One Where He's Amazing With Children

Cuteness overload, amiright??

2. This One Where He Put On His Dancing Shoes

Handsome, kind, and an occasional goofball? When can I marry this guy?

3. This One Where He Kept It In The Family

How sweet is this?

4. This One Where He Got Super Bromantic

Higgins is so nice, he even got bromantic with the guys he was competing against. I personally find that way more endearing than the verbal duels we've seen between some of the other contestants. Keep making love instead of war, sir!

5. This One Where He Continued To Be The Most Gracious Ex-Contestant Ever

Even the most mature of us would have trouble sending well wishes to someone who broke our heart — and on national television, no less! Higgins is a class act through and through.

6. This Throwback That Proved He's Been Adorable From Day 1

I can't even ...

7. This One Where He Paid Tribute To A Veteran

Higgins offered kind praise to a veteran who was shown briefly on the show, posting, "Have you ever met a stranger who even in a short discussion makes life a little more grand?" This photo certainly does.

8. This One Where He's Holding The Same Baby From Earlier

Can we talk about the glory that is this little lady's headband? I just felt all the best feels imaginable.

9. This One Where He Carried A Garbage Can Overflowing With Weeds

I would pay top dollar to have this guy as my landscaper.

10. This One Where He Suited Up

Swag, indeed!

11. This One Where He Bro-ed Out For Breakfast

How does one maintain such a sweet, handsome aesthetic even in the wee hours of the morning? Meanwhile, when I got up this morning ...

12. This One Where He Looked At Us With Open Arms

How many of us all want to run into this open embrace right now? Oh, all of us? That sounds about right.

13. This One Where He Kissed A Fish

Who wants sushi?

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Images: Felicia Graham/ABC; Ben Higgins/Instagram; Giphy