Alfonso Ribeiro & J.T. Did "The Carlton Dance"

Saturdays are great on their own, but when you have Alfonso Ribeiro and Justin Timberlake spontaneously busting out the iconic Carlton Dance, things get freaking legendary. It's not unusual for stars of all walks of Hollywood to congregate for charitable sporting events, and during the American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament both the Dancing With The Stars champion and "Sexyback" singer took time from the course to bestow us with some sweet nostalgia. For some glorious reason, Timberlake's "Sexyback" was pulsing in the background when it was Ribeiro's turn to step up to the tee where he — very sadly — "wiffed his drive." The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air alum was seen looking dejected until Timberlake flew to the actor's aid to coax Ribeiro into doing the one thing that is guaranteed to make every problem dissipate — the Carlton Dance. Cheers erupted when Ribiero jovially broke into the classic arm-swinging and hip-shaking choreography, and Timberlake joined him in what may be the best moment I've seen this entire year. No, I'm not being facetious, the Carlton Dance is simply that powerful.

As an avid fan of '90s nostalgia, Ribeiro, and Tom Jones' "It's Not Unusual," I'm invariably elated at any excuse to break out the Carlton Dance. The only complaint I would have about said dance is that I don't see it being busted out nearly enough.

Look, I get it. Social norms dictate that we can't just up and start flailing our arms about and wiggling our hips any time we see fit. That being said, I have mused on some specific situations where it would be completely appropriate — nay — where it should basically be required to do the Carlton Dance. Here's a few examples:

1. When Your Crush Likes Your Facebook Status

Maybe you're reading too much into it, but that doesn't mean you can't savor this brief burst of joy over the object of your affection giving a virtual thumbs up to that funny cat video you just posted.

2. When You Find A Surprise $20 Bill In The Pocket Of Your Old Winter Jacket

This one may also warrant a backflip.

3. When Somebody Has A Birthday At The Office

Free cake in the break room? You are so there!

4. When Jimmy Fallon & Will Smith Show Up To A Party


5. When You Get A Job Promotion

You have earned the right to a victory dance!

6. When Your Friends Let You Have The Last Slice Of Pizza

Pizza is always worth celebrating.

7. When No One Is Home Except For You

Solo dance party time!

8. When You Have A Three-Day Weekend

Do that extra day of freedom up right by getting your Carlton Dance on.

9. When Fresh Prince Reruns Come On Unexpectedly

Your nostalgic binge-watching experience wouldn't be complete without some arm-swinging fun.

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