'The Mindy Project' Will Feature Mindy... Married?

I think Mindy Project fans can all agree that one of the worst days of 2015 was when The Mindy Project was canceled by Fox. And, I think we can also agree that one of the best days of 2015 was when The Mindy Project was picked up by Hulu. Now the show is coming back for a super-sized 26 episodes Season 4, it's time to theorize about what's coming next on the show — and specifically for Danny and Mindy. Let's face it guys, Danny and Mindy is the endgame were all hoping for, and with the way things ended in Season 3, it looks like Danny might actually be ready to fully commit and settle down with Mindy. But things might not be so perfect for the couple right away: As if the show could get any better, Joseph Gordon-Levitt will appear in the Season 4 Mindy Project premiere, and his appearance could either cause tension between Danny and Mindy, or it could lead to permanent commitment.

Gordon-Levitt's appearance is inspired by the 1998 rom-com Sliding Doors starring Gwyneth Paltrow. In the premiere, Mindy will have an alternate life in which she is not with Danny, but instead is married to Gordon-Levitt's character who, according to Buzzfeed, is a "suave reality show producer for Bravo." So it seems that in this alternate world, Mindy will have the ideal life about which she has always dreamed. Sounds fun, and considering it's all an alternate reality, harmless fun at that

But, is this alternate universe supposed to be a hint for viewers that Mindy's relationship with Danny in the real world isn't as solid as we all thought? If the episode stays true to the movie (which featured Gwyneth Paltrow playing a woman whose lives dissect into two parallel universes when she misses a subway train), will Mindy have visions of this "alternate life"? In Season 4, will her feelings for Danny remain the same?

First of all, it's going to be so interesting to see what Mindy is like when everything she thought she wanted comes true. Will she still be happy? Will she actually grow resentful? If everything goes according to plan and Mindy enjoys this alternate life as much as she believes she would — and the episode features real-life Mindy having "visions" of this alternate life — her life with Danny could suffer. She could see his hesitance to commit to marriage as a deal breaker if she sees in a vision how happy she could be with someone who is willing to marry her.

But all of this theorizing is moot if Mindy already knows what Danny has done for her. In the Season 3 finale, Danny traveled to India to meet Mindy's parents and tell them he was in love with her. In Season 4, it's also likely that Danny could also ask for Mindy's hand in marriage.

So, really, everything comes down to timing. If the Season 4 premiere picks up right where the Season 3 finale left us — with Danny in India and Mindy just realizing that Danny didn't go to Peter's wedding — the Sliding Doors scenario could definitely have her reassessing what she wants most in the world.

In my opinion, Mindy wouldn't go back to wanting as many material things as she used to want when we first met her. She has her own practice now, she's got a baby on the way, and she's learning to love herself no matter what. She could decide that her love for Danny no longer outweighs his hatred for marriage, and she could tell him that she can't be in that kind of relationship anymore.

But this is where Danny would have to finally step up and be the right kind of man for Mindy — the kind of man she and we know he can be if he really tried. He's already made the first step toward committing by going all the way to India to fix his mistakes. Whether or not he'll go all the way, though, still remains to be seen.

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