13 Signs You're The Paris Geller Of Your Friend Group & Don't Worry, Because Her Genius Is Something To Aspire To

Every group of friends has one — whether they're aware of it, or not. I'm talking about the cynical, sarcastic genius who deigns to tolerate stupidity of any kind (and if you ask her opinion, she will always let you know your outfit isn't doing you any favors). When you're the Paris Geller of your friend group — aka, Rory's scene-stealing BFF from Gilmore Girls you do this out of love, of course, and because you can't help but be painfully honest... even if the truth hurts. You're may also be prone to long-winded, angry rants, but honestly, why shouldn't you be? It's the least you can do to help correct the harsh injustices that plague you're world, like couples with gross PDA, mansplainers, and insufficient snacks. All in a day's work.

Not everyone appreciates your directness, perhaps, and maybe some people think you're a jerk, but you understand that not everyone is ready to receive your famous truth bombs. They might think you're mean now, but they'll thank you later.

If you're flipping your fabulous hair and rolling your eyes at a nearby bro as you read this, you might be the Paris Geller of your social circle. But, if you're still unsure — even though Paris Gellers are never unsure — here are all the ways you can tell you're the Paris to your best friend's Rory:

1. No One Loves Food More Than You Do

Your friends love food, but you love food.

2. ...Or Is As Serious About Snacking

It's important to take precautions in case of emergency.

3. ...Or Is As Much Of A Misandrist

A misandrist who loves takeout, of course.

4. ...Or Hates Social Gatherings Quite As Much

Ugh. People.

5. Like, You Really Hate Social Gatherings

Nope. Not going to happen.

6. You Especially Hate Couples


7. You Don't Have Time To Waste On Bros

You're not afraid to let them know, either.

8. You Know Exactly Who You Are

And exactly who you are not.

9. You're Ambitious

You won't let anything stand in the way of your aspirations.

10. You're Honest With Yourself

Might as well enjoy it while it lasts.

11. You're Full Of Practical Knowledge

And you always share it. Everyone will thank you later.

12. Your Friends Drive You Crazy

But you love them for it.

13. But You'll Always Love Your Bestie For Life

No matter what.

If you find yourself nodding your head in response to at least 10 of these items, you, my friend, are indeed the Paris Geller of your friend group.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; lukesdiner (10), fictionbeatsreality67 (2), gilmoregirlsoutofcontext/Tumblr