Paris Geller's Rants Explained Using A Pie Chart, Because That's Exactly How The 'Gilmore Girls' Character Would Want It

If you're a Gilmore Girls fan, then there's no doubt you have a love/hate relationship with Paris Geller, played by Liza Weil. When she first appeared in Season 1 of the series, not only was she Rory's rival, but she was immediately seen as the annoying and overbearing Chilton teen who would go above and beyond to ensure her future remained bright and that she ended up going to Harvard. But over the years, Paris grew on viewers and became a beloved character.

Not only did Paris make a name for herself for being that friend of Rory's who couldn't keep her mouth shut, she also became popular for those famous Paris Geller rants. Oh, you know what I'm talking about. Whether she was talking education, politics, sex, dating older men, or even her "craft corner" at Yale, Paris knew how to carry a conversation — well, maybe not a conversation, but more of a one-sided spiel.

You couldn't help but cheer Paris on when she broke out into her long, passionate monologues. Yes, she was more abrasive than anything, but how can you not admire someone who speaks their mind and says basically what everyone else is thinking? Yep, Paris was the best.

So, let's analyze one of the best qualities Paris had on Gilmore Girls — her rants. Here is a pie chart that breaks down those famous speeches that will forever be a part of the series and true GG fans' hearts.

Images: The WB