What Your Hair Color Says About You

If you're anything like me, then by the time you turned 18, your hair had probably been every possible color known to man. In fact, you may have dyed your hair so many times that you can't even remember what your natural hair color actually is. Or, you may remember what it is, but you feel like you were born to sport a different one. However you feel about your natural hair color though, you should know that it does more than just make a statement: If the studies are to be believed, your natural hair color actually says quite a lot about your health, sex life, propensity to addiction, and even your personality.

Obviously, dying your hair may change how you feel, and there have even been articles written solely on just how much changing your hair color can help you change your outlook. But no matter how much you change your hair color, you won't change the health issues that come along with being born blonde, brunette, or redheaded.

So, if you've ever wondered if your natural hair color says something about you, then read on — it could actually say a lot more than you realize.

1. Redheads Have The Most Sex

According to a German study which compared the sex lives of hundreds of German women, redheads have more active sex lives than brunettes or blondes. This could be because the uniqueness of red hair makes it more attention-grabbing than other hair colors, (according to a BBC article on redheads, only one to two percent of the world's population are naturally born with red hair) or it might be just that the color red really gets people going. (Color psychologists have said that red is just naturally more arousing and provocative to most people than other colors.) It may also be simply that redheads, as a whole, are just choosing to live up to the stereotype that they're naturally more passionate people.

2. Brunettes Are More Susceptible To Nicotine Addiction

If you're naturally brunette, don't even think about smoking cigarettes. While women of every hair color are at risk for developing nicotine addiction, brunettes are more likely to get addicted to the stuff faster than blondes or redheads because of the increased melanin in their body. Unfortunately, while melanin is responsible for your gorgeous Belle-esque mane, it also makes it more difficult for your liver to metabolize nicotine — and the longer the drug stays in your body, the easier it is to get hooked on it.

3. Blondes Are Definitely Not Dumber (Duh)

Obviously, not all blondes are exactly Gwen Stacy-level smart, but research has shown that naturally blonde hair plays zero role in someone's intelligence. If you don't believe me, believe the team of scientists over at Stanford University who published their study on DNA and hair color last year. They've discovered that the switch of just one letter in the genetic code is what causes naturally blonde hair, and this switch only affects a person's hair follicle. So go ahead and stop with the blonde jokes already, because they just don't hold up, and they never really did.

4. Redheads Are At Higher Risk For Parkinson's Disease, Endometriosis, & Skin Cancer

According to a Harvard study, the higher risks for Parkinson's and skin cancer among redheads are probably due to the same exact gene mutation that causes redheads to have their uniquely beautiful red hair in the first place. This receptor gene (MC1R) impacts another gene that, when it also mutates, has been associated with Parkinson's disease and increased skin cancer risk. Fortunately, studies have shown that folic acid can help combat Parkinson's, so if you're a redhead, go stock up on folic acid. Even one multi-vitamin a day should have enough of the stuff to be beneficial.

A separate Harvard study from 2006 (which involved over 90,000 women) discovered that redheads are also at higher risk for developing endometriosis. The study concluded that redheads are 30 percent more likely to develop endometriosis than women of any other hair color. Oddly, though, this percentage only applies to fertile redheads.

5. Brunettes Are Considered The Most Stable Partners By Men

While blondes are stereotypically associated with sex appeal, and redheads are stereotyped as fiery, according to a 2013 study by Superdrug, brunettes may be the most "marriageable." The study surveyed 1,000 men and 54 percent of them said they would prefer a brunette wife. Evidently, men see brunettes as more steady, reliable partners than blondes or redheads. Yeah, because hair color is what really matters. Sigh.

6. Blondes Are At Higher Risk For Eye Problems & Skin Cancer

Unfortunately, blondes, (especially blondes with blue eyes) are at higher risk for developing age-related macular degeneration based on their fair hair alone. On top of that, blondes naturally have less melanin in their bodies, and since melanin is what protects our skin from dangerous UV rays, we're more likely to develop melanoma. So, if you're blonde, don't underestimate the sun. Shades and sunscreen are your best friend.

7. Redheads Are More Susceptible To Pain (But More Tolerant Of Spicy Food)

Redheads perceive pain differently than blondes or brunettes, and that same receptor gene we were talking about earlier could be to blame, since it's involved with their central nervous systems. Redheads are more sensitive to cold, less responsive to anesthetics administered under the skin, and are more prone to toothaches. But, interestingly enough, redheads actually have a higher tolerance for spicy foods and the kind of stinging skin pain caused by needle sticks.

So whether you rock the hair color you were born with or you rock the hair color you wish you were born with, just remember not to ignore the health issues tied to your natural shade. Because when it comes to your hair and your body, all that matters is that you're happy and healthy.

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