7 Reasons To Embrace Your Natural Hair Color

Changing your hair color is an easy way to update your look. But it's only after the bleach is down the drain and all the dye is washed out that you realize how difficult it is to maintain colored hair, and how much you miss your natural, unique hair color. In a world where celebrities change the hue of their hair everyday, and when updating your look is necessary (if not required) after a few months, it's easy to be convinced that dyeing your hair is exactly what you need if your life. But in reality, dyeing your hair and stripping of it's natural color and texture can not only be detrimental to your mane but also give you a lot to worry about. That's obviously hard to remember when the rainbow hair trend is in full swing and you're desperate to try out the look. Sure, the unicorn hair might be pretty awesome right now but in a few weeks it will require more attention than any friend, pet, or S.O. ever has. And let's be real, no one wants to deal with that. So, in an effort to inform you about all the cons of dyeing your hair, and remind you why your own hair color is the best hair color you could ever want, here are seven reasons why you should embrace your unique, natural hair color.

1. There Are Other Alternatives

Dyed hair is a headache — and I'm talking about before you even actually dye your hair. I once convinced myself that I was going to dye my hair a beautiful, crimson, fire engine red hue. It was going to be beautiful, and I was going to be gorgeous, but I changed my mind last minute. While I loved the idea of bright red hair, I knew I already hated the idea of taking care of it. Instead, I tried on some different wigs and worked some colorful strands of fake hair into my mane, and got a taste for something different.

While permanently dyeing your hair might be the most convenient way to change your hair color, it's certainly not the safest or the healthiest. But, a little wig action or colorful hair extension fun never hurt anyone. And there are non-permanent dyes that can also give you color temporarily. No, dye isn't the end all be all.

Plus, wigs are so much fun, and they make for great selfies.

2. No Special Products Necessary

The special treatments only start when you wash the dye out. Dyed hair requires a lot of upkeep and special products to maintain. From purple shampoos to cleansers to special conditioners to maintain the color, your bath tub or shower will seriously be stocked with lot's of products after you commit to a dye. And those products ain't cheap either. And they take lot's of time. Have I convinced you not to dye your hair yet?

3. No Commitment

When you dye your hair, you're essentially committing to a stressful relationship. Your hair is alive, and we often forget that when we're not paying attention to it. But when it's a different color, your hair won't be shy to tell you what's wrong with it. The frizz will be unbearable, the roots will be untameable, and you color will eventually fade and turn into a dull version of what you originally wanted.

Keeping up with your hair will take lot's of your time and energy, all for a couple of good hair days and lot's of not so good hair days. With your natural hair, you know how to control it and what works and what doesn't. It's your natural hair, what you've always known, so there's no need to stress about it's status all the time.

4. No Damage

Dyes, bleaches, and chemicals are all present when coloring your hair color. That salon isn't exactly a doctor's office; it's almost like a laboratory where dyes and bleaches thrive on hair. Obviously, these chemicals are damaging your hair as they strip it of it's natural color and texture. And that process is a long and slow process. While it might be painless, there are a lot of bad hair days ahead of you. While the color might distract you from your damaged strands for a few weeks, you'll come to the realization soon that your hair needs major help. And that damage might take months or years to reverse.

5. Saves Time And Money

Money is time, and time is money. That rings true for lot's of things, especially beauty processes. While I know spending time in a salon and getting your hair done is therapeutic for some people, it's rather pricey and time-consuming to be doing it on a regular basis. Don't get me wrong, I love the luxury of having someone wash and condition my hair, but that's only a few times a year when I get my hair cut or trimmed. Sometimes the best treatment is to stay away from the salon and really consider what's healthy for your hair. However wonderful that head massage shampoo may be, it's best not to get too attached.

6. You Could Lose It Forever (Or A Long Time)

When you permanently dye or bleach your hair, you're essentially stripping your natural hair color and preparing your follicles to absorb a different hue. While rainbow hair seems like it could be fun, the fun will only last a little while. And when you realize how much work it is to maintain your hair color, and how expensive and time-consuming it is, your natural hair color is going to sound so much better than any pastel hair color ever could.

While you might be convinced that a different hair color could improve your life ten fold, I recommend really considering your own natural hair color. Because once those chemicals are applied, they can't be undone. And the only way to get your natural hair back is to let it grow. And as everyone who has ever had a terrible hair cut knows, that can take years. And that's something you have to come to terms with if you're willing to permanently dye your hair a different color.

7. Your Own, Unique Hair Color

And ultimately, the main reason why you should embrace your own hair color is for just that reason: that it is your own, unique, individual hair color. While we can all categorize hair into different colors, from strawberry blonde, to red, to dark brown, each individual's hair is completely unique to their own self. Just like eye color, noses, and other unique human traits, your hair color is totally and completely yours. Yet, dyes can change that, mess with your unique color and texture, and can potentially damage it for years.

So, the lesson here is to embrace your natural hair color because it's all yours. If you're dying to try a new hair color, buy a wig or try demi-dyes. Because a permanent change to your natural beauty isn't always worth it.

But you are.

Images: Melodi Erdogan, Giphy, melodierdogan/Instagram