Sara Harvey Seemed Different In 'PLL' Season 4

by Caitlin Flynn

Pretty Little Liars Season 6 immediately kicked off with a shocking moment, as fans realized that Aria, Emily, Hanna, Spencer, and Mona weren't the only girls in A's dollhouse. There was another blonde in the bunker, dressed in the same yellow tank top that Ali wore the night she went missing (because the show's wardrobe department apparently got some sort of amazing deal on that ruffled top). By the end of the episode she had identified herself as Sara Harvey, and Emily reminded the other girls that she had met with Sara Harvey's friends in Pretty Little Liars Season 4 — well, to Emily it was the previous summer. What she didn't mention, and still hasn't seemed to think twice about, is that Sara's friends didn't have especially nice things to say about her.

It seems that none of Sara's friends have attempted to contact her since she returned from the dollhouse. This means they're either pretty cold or, more likely, she did worse things to them than they said and they're not especially happy she's back. This is especially worrisome because Sara has recently become Emily's new love interest and I remain convinced that she is in some way a part of the A team. For more on Sara's possible Charles connections, check out Bustle's PLL podcast.

Even if I'm wrong, I'm still wary of Emily's involvement with Sara. Emily always looks for the best in everyone, which makes her a lovable person, but has also caused her to get hurt more than once. Let's refresh our memories on what Sara's friends had to say about her.

1. Like Ali, She Was The Center Of Her Friend Group

Emily and Hanna met up with two of Sara's friends in the Season 4 episode "Who's In The Box?" They said that Sara was the center of their clique and the reason they were all friends. Sara was described as the girl who had everything going for her, and made you feel special just by talking to you. This was the first giveaway that she had a whole lot in common with Ali.

2. Sara's Friends Wondered If She Disappeared Deliberately

Sara's family believed she had run off with a guy and, although they didn't explain why, her friends said they weren't convinced she'd been kidnapped. It had definitely occurred to them that she chose to disappear. Since this episode took place immediately after the Liars learned Ali was alive, it established another undeniable parallel between the two girls.

3. Sara Had Been To Rosewood

When Hanna asked if they'd ever been to Rosewood, Sara's friends responded that they had been to the town a few times with Sara (specifically to the movie theater), but they hadn't been back since her disappearance. It's definitely possible that Sara went to Rosewood on her own, and there's no telling who she may have been meeting up with there.

4. She Was Described As A Pretty Terrible Person

One of Sara's friends, Claire, later visited Emily on her own and she spoke more candidly when they were one-on-one. "Everything she gave you, she took two things away," Claire explained. Then she went on to tell Emily that she was jealous of the Liars, because she wished Sara was dead — and she'd wished for her death before she even disappeared. No matter how much of a mean girl Sara may have been, those were still pretty strong words and I have to wonder if Sara did something terrible to Claire.

5. Her Friends Still Felt Her Presence — And Not In A Good Way

In the same conversation between Emily and Claire, Claire said this: "She's gone, but she's not gone. And we can't get away from her. I'm so tired of being Sara's friend. It just sucks the life out of you." She also mentioned that one of Sara's friends, Avery, had been severely depressed and done nothing but sleep since Sara's disappearance. These statements could mean that living with the uncertainty of whether or not Sara was dead or alive prevented them from moving on. But could it be possible that A was terrorizing Sara's friends as well?

So far, the Summer of Answers has given us more questions than answers, but one of the biggest mysteries is Charles' connection to Sara and whether or not she has more knowledge than she's letting on. Either way, it seems that her friends want nothing to do with her and that could be a major clue about what she's capable of.

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