This 'PLL' Kiss Wasn't A Surprise

I'd hate to say, "I told you so," Emison fans — but, it looks like Emily just got a new love interest for Pretty Little Liars Season 6. After the Season 6 premiere, I thought that spoilers had hinted that Sara Harvey and Emily are soul mates on Pretty Little Liars . And, during Tuesday night's episode, Emily more or less confirmed that, even though Sara takes more showers than any human being should, she's totally got feelings for her recent houseguest. But, honestly, I wasn't quite sure that those feelings would go anywhere — I mean, it kind of seemed like Emily was freaked out by them a little. In the final minutes of "No Stone Unturned," however, Emily and Sara kissed on Pretty Little Liars . Can we really say we're surprised, though?

If we're being totally honest with ourselves — and I like to think that PLL fans are the most honest bunch, considering how many "lies" we've been told over the past five seasons of the series — this hook up isn't surprising at all. It's been totally obvious that Emily's had a thing for Sara ever since she cut her hair off. And, while it wasn't always obvious that Sara reciprocated Emily's attraction, there have been some gazes that could definitely be considered "longing" on her end. Basically, from the moment Emily decided that she was going to help Sara get over what happened to her in the dollhouse, it was written in the stars that these two would get together.

But is this 'ship really going to be good for Emily? Out of all of the Liars, she's had the most love interests over the past five seasons of the series — and each one has been more ill-fated than the last. Sara's paranoia and constant fear could end up leaving Emily worse off than she'd be if she were dealing with her trauma alone. Or, even worse, Emily might push her own issues from her time as Charles' prisoner to the back of her mind and choose to focus on helping Sara — who really has no one else to turn to — deal with what she's been through instead. Emily's feelings, at least from how she described them on Tuesday night, seem to come more from her desire to feel like she can be the hero for someone (because she can't save herself from her nightmare), rather than actually wanting to date Sara. I mean, she hardly knows anything about her, after all.

As much as I'd hate to say it, I feel like we're going to start missing Emison very soon.

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC Family