7 Reasons Britt & Brady Need To Get Back Together

Dry your tears, Bachelorette fans, everything's going to be fine. Britt Nilsson and Brady Tooper are officially over, and I encourage everyone who shipped them to honor their truth, take some time for self-care and really sit with their grief. The former couple is playing it cool and keeping it positive on social media, but the truth is, it sounds like Tooper got dropped, hard. Poor guy, he never saw it coming. To make matters worse for fans, these two reportedly broke up months ago, while committed viewers and followers might only now be coming around to the acceptance stage of the grief process.

Neither Tooper nor Nilsson have given fans any hints as to why their seemingly perfect relationship born of reality TV couldn't survive the trials and tribulation of instant fame, so the reason for the breakup is still a mystery. Maybe the truth is just too harsh and painful and it's better we don't know. Nilsson wrote on Instagram that she and Tooper broke up months ago, but it's hard to believe these two could be done, like, forever. Anyone who watched them on The Bachelorette knows they're too disgustingly cute together to ever be apart. Don't buy into the hype: these two are getting back together. How could they not? The definitive proof of why these two are perfect for each other is obvious after a quick browse through each of their Instagram feeds. Here's why Britt Nilsson and Brady Tooper need to get back together:

They're Adorable Together

Look at those crazy kids!

They're Insanely Good Looking

That's just a fact.

They're Both Reality Stars

So they probably really get each other and know what it's like to be ~*famous*~

He Doesn't Need Her To Look Camera Ready At All Times

And probably doesn't expect her to wear makeup to bed, unlike SOME PEOPLE *cough* Chris *cough*

He Left The Bachelorette For Her

So you know he's seriously committed.

They're Great Friends

"We broke up about two months ago, but still remain very close friends. I couldn't be more blessed by who he is as a person--I will forever respect and adore him. We feel that God brought us into each other's lives for a purpose so we continue to support one another in all we do," Nilsson wrote on Instagram.

He's Her Dream Guy

Nilsson said it herself when she told People, "Everything on paper was perfect[...]At the beginning, I was like, 'This is it. This is my guy.' He checked off everything on my checklist."

Who doesn't ship these two hardcore? Britt and Brady need to get back together ASAP for the good of their fans.

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Images: ABC; movietvtechgeeks/Tumblr (1)